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  1. Introduce yourself!
    Long-time rider, started with Honda Trail 90, then Triumph 250 in the 60's. Rode my buddy's R50 through backroads of New England in mid-70's. And dream about one more ride, on the twisties here in Northern California. Still get my thrills offroading in my Jeep.
  2. Motorcycle Mods and Maintenance
    The urban dictionary defines Gurty as “something that looks so wrong it's right.” I need a bike to go back for TT23. This is my how-to guide. Let me know if you can prove this is your bike. I have a gift for you. This is Gurty. Or, should I say, this is the early stages of Gurty being...
  3. Introduce yourself!
    Hi, I'm Rick from Australia and I repair Motorcycles and show how I go about this on YT. I'm currently working on a XR600R, TLR200, KLX450, TT350, TT250, Indian Dark Horse plus have plenty more in the pipeline. I like to share my knowledge to the next generation or anyone who likes to work on...
1-3 of 3 Results