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01 Aprilia SL1000 Falco starts when key is turned

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As you can see from the title I have an 01 Aprilia SL1000 Falco, when I turn the key the engine fires up and the starter continues clicking, when I hit the kill switch the engine dies but starter continues trying to start. I have replaced the starter relay solenoid with nothing changing, keeps trying to start. I have looked at the mechanics manual and can’t find another relay for the starter. Anyone have any recommendations for me? I also don’t know what air filter to get, I know it sounds trivial but take a look at the pic I have included. Thank you.
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On the starter solenoid, there is a smaller wire that "triggers" the relay to close when power appears on it.
If you disconnect that small wire, then the starter should NOT run.

Somewhere between the solenoid and the start button is a relay or two that does the "safety" functions for neutral and clutch. One of those relays is probably stuck or there is a short in that general area.

As for the air filters, pictures don't do the situation justice.
You probably need to find a dealer to help with that.
An independent shop, maybe.
Well......this is the 3rd post from you where you have basically copied the information from a post that I made and changed a few words and re-posted it as yours.
What gives with that ??
Note: I have also removed the sneaky link from your posts.

Any more spam or plagiarism will get you banned.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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