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02 voulisa run choke out only

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My 02 susuki voulisa ran great yesterday,but today will only run with choke all the way out.You can keep it running with choke pushed in but it backfires every time you accelerate,,and stalls at idle.
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Your phuel philter is clogged, or your bike has been eating too much cheese.

Check the fuel system for clogs, and stay away from the Goulda.
Or, if the bike has been sitting for a wyle, you may have groan some gorp in the bole, and shook a peez loose yesterday.

Could be, it's clogging a chet orraface or too.
Just pull the plugs out and hit them with a wire brush. VLs warm pretty fast. Your probably just leaving the choke on too long during warm up.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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