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'03 600s, Part II: On the Dirty Boulevard...

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Excellent report guys. This shows that the street is always the great equalizer. Bumps, blind corners, debris, cages all conspire to slow us down quite a bit compared to the racetrack.

The sound effects of the Ducati would probably send me in that direction but the R6 is a sweet-looking machine as well.
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I'm going to buy either the 636r or r6 within the next month. Seems like trying to decide which girl to take out: do you want the feisty, unpredictable one that might hurt you but give you an exciting ride (636r), or the one that's you know what to expect, nice to ride, won't hurt you but just a little something missing (r6)hmmm...

Would a rear shock replacement and steering damper on the Kawasaki take care of it's handling problems or would it be like dumping money into a broad, hoping she's going to come around but never really does?

If you don't mind, what exactly do you mean when you say, "getting the suspension tweaked". Is this something you did yourself or had a mechanic do for you? Don't want to get personal here, but, are your privates getting smashed against the tank like I've heard others complain? Maybe, the nut crunch has something to do with the size of the rider involved.
Thanks for the reply, its good to know that it's possible to fine tune a suspension to your own needs without having to pay someone to do it for you (I've had many streebikes but never fiddled with the suspension settings). It's good to hear that not everyone who bought a 636 has the problem of the seat putting their package on the tank.
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