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'03 Best of the Best Feedback

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two words: matt mladin.
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Connecting rod 101

Funny my mechanical engineering buddy came in and read your response. He said the same thing that valve gear is usually the limit. Pushrod engines being the worst. He doubts that connecting rods in racing engines is every a problem given the material they can be made of. He maintains that bore/stroke ratio is more used for power quality i..e racing effects then some connecting rod limitation that must be worked around.
Re: Connecting rod 101

Simply put, he is wrong.

Instead of asking a mechanical engineer, ask an engine designer, or builder, or race tuner. Ask Yoshimura, Ask Honda, Ask Kawasaki, Ask Ducati.... the answer will be the same. "Piston Speed" is the problem.

For any given rpm, "Piston Speed" is solely determined by STROKE.
Re: Connecting rod 101

P.S. The reason Honda went more and more oversquare on the CBR 929RR then later with the 954RR is so that they could raise the redline of the older longer-stroke 900RR mill.
Re: Hard times for KPaul

Is that right next to the ti Muffler bearings?

But, remember, since it's a Ford, it's just as American as an F-150 or a Harley...
Statistical analysis reveals that the easiest bike to ride of the bunch is clearly the Mile with a variance of 1.24 and a standard deviation of 1.11 (closer to 1.00 the better). The Ninja 600 appears to be the fastest bike on the track with the lowest overall time and two of the three riders posted their fastest times on the Kaw, but the Ninja reveals a std dev of 2.61 and a variance of 6.79. The Suzuki's results fall in between the two competitors with a SD and var of 1.65 and 2.73 respectively.

While you may be able to extrapolate that the Gixxer is easier to drive faster because of it's low times and better variance numbers than the Saki. One cannot simply manipulate the numbers in that manner unless one is willing to address the 106.1 second time by Burns on little Ninja. This result is clearly problematic when you consider that this time is the 2nd slowest overall time, and 5.2 seconds slower than the fastest time posted on the Kawasaki creating it's ugly variance results.

If you are not going to give equal time to calculation issues, then you MUST take the numbers at face value, and that's that!

So. The results tell use the Mile is probably the best bike since everyone found it easy to ride fast and was less than 2% slower than the Gixer or the Ninja. The Kawasaki is the fastest of the three with the fastest time and two of the three riders posted their best times aboard that machine. The Suzuki failed to be the easiest, or the fastest machine to ride.

Editorial: When I started reading the article I thought the Gixer would easily win. When the results were posted (and correctly analyzed) I was suprised, not that the Mile was easier to ride, but that the 600 would post the fastest times on a track with a couple long straights. I was not surprised that MO couldn't eat their own words and admit that the Gixer is not the all-conquering machine they claim it to be.
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Re: Johnny.... you missed a great opportunity.

you are one sore ducati owner...damn...i hope youre aware its over once the restrictor plates are out of the WSB with it and go buy yourself a gixxer 1k...theyre only about 10 g's you know...imagine the compound interest on the 8 g's youll save at 9%...
Guess you haven't seen Master Bike yet.
Re: Long Live the King?

If Mat's 750 was so slow why not race Suzuki's own TL1000R?!

Oh, because it isn't THAT easy to make a winning V2 and that (T)otally (L)ame 1000 (R)eject couldn't get out of it's own way.

Koblesucky could have built a new 750/800 if the old ZX wasn't fast enough to still beat everyone and the GSXR1000.

Everyone knows the V2s can't compete with IL4s you even admit it yourself so how did they "level" the playing field here?

Next year everyone will have 4s oh, the drama...
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Re: Johnny.... you missed a great opportunity.

That was very well said and I couldn't agree more. This is just the start of many a boring season I'm afraid. It's almost like NASCAR.

Did I say that?!
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