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'03 Honda?

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Oh, Lawd! First the freakin' gorgeous new ZX-6R, than the drool-inspiring new R6, and now THIS???

What I wouldn't give to be 24 again, feeling immortal, with a 32" waist!

I envy the ***** outta' you young whipper-snappers!
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I suspect the only reason Nicky got the slot was to prevent him from jumping ship to Yamaha.
where did you read that these models are 04s and not 03s?
Poor Ukawa

I guess 2cd place doesn't buy you much in the big time.
Re: '03 Honda? Oh baby but Kawa and R6 look better

This would seem like the most logical move. It would make more sense than putting R&D money into what is going to be their second tier 600.
Check out Cycle News Online.
I've done 13500+miles on CBR600 in the past three years with doing no more than oil changes and lubing the chain. I don't think there is anything to worry about.
Re: '03 Honda? Oh baby but Kawa and R6 look better

The wing's still there; it's the big black slash that's missing. Tasty.
Say goodbye Harley V-Rod and say Hello to new beautiful Honda Valkyrie

The UK site said "However, while current systems provide excellent performance for most on-road riding applications and engine speeds, the new CBR600RR was, from its inception, intended to deliver strong power all the way up to a blazing 15,000rpm power peak."

The introduction of the USA offering says "redline", not power peak, and also that the RR features "more over-rev capability".

I wish Honda would state hp and torque @ rpm figures.
Yea, well, I ain't 24, but I still have a 32" waist. But then that's why they make the VFR, for the over 30 who still want performance and comfort and like to ride for more than a couple of hours a day.

Check out the fork unlike the Harley V-Rod

Cool. Comes in more than just one color unlike VRod.
We're about the same age, but you don't seem to be afflicted with PBS (Protruding Belly Syndrome) like I unfortunately am. Thus the gas tank on a sportbike and my PB compete for space, with the tank always emerging victorious.

Over my lunch of donuts and bacon, I thought about what I could do to alleviate my PBS, but completely drew a blank. Oh well...
Re: Check out the fork unlike the Harley V-Rod

V-Rod comes in two colors this year. Still not a great selection, but it's a start.
Re: Poor Ukawa

The official Honda statement seemed to make clear that they would have riders representing Europe, US and Japan, their 3 major markets, so I think it is pretty clear that Ukawa will probably on one of the factory teams -- whether it is Repsol is another question. In a way, he might be better being the lead rider on one of the other teams, getting full attention (and no team orders preventing him from beating Rossi).

Of course, Honda could have been referring to Kato who, until Assen, seemed to be the new fair-haired boy. I am betting that Ukawa will be on a factory Honda.
I can only think of one word to describe it --- FUUUUUUUUUUUUUGLY!
That hideous "Rune" cruzurr really makes the V-Rod look even nicer! Does show what a superb job Harley's little design staff did to create the first all new Harley in many a year.

Also, sure makes my Sportster look even better with its simple, clean shapes opposed to the overwrought, overworked but underdone surfaces on that Honda...maybe they left the clay in the oven to long??! For non-designers out there: modeling clay is heated to @ 150-160F before being applied to the model's armature. If heated above that you are left with a stinking, useless mess....geddit??! designeraccd
Hi guys it's my first time here. I just saw somethin about ZX-6R and it caught my interest though. My brother just bought it this year. Lookin forward to hang around here every now and then.
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