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H-D pilloried?? Just where were you when the oilhead replaced the airhead? Asleep on your UJM or some such?

As a 'frinstance, take a look at the airhead beemer club logo. Or hunt around if you've never seen it. It comes across to me as very much the same flavor as the "See no EVO, hear no EVO, ride no EVO" tee shirts which were hot sellers at Sturgis and Daytona those many years ago. Not to mention the cries of rage when good old Earles forks disappeared and telescopic forks -originally a BMW development, but never mind that- (re)appeared on BMWs.

But BMW is stodgy enough, and compliant enough with regulations where they are manufactured, that 100 hp at the crankshaft seems hard to swallow, and 100 bhp at the wheel seems damn near impossible. Chalk up another one for sloppy or irresponsible fiction writing, masquerading as journalism.
1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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