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04 vs 06 GSXR 750

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I could use someones help in determining if I can use my 2004 GSXR factory rims on my 2006 GSXR? I checked and they use the same size tire (120/180) but before I try to exchange rims I thought I would see if anyone had any experience or knowledge on this topic?

Thank you,
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Parking one next-to the other and some simple comparison with a tape-measure and a well-calibrated eyeball doesn't answer your question?
Often a quick check of part numbers on one of the on-line parts dealers will find that some things actually use the same part number. I was gonna look but why should I deprive you of the moment of discovery. See she was wrong, I don't always just think of myself.
If the axle size, brake rotor bolt pattern, and cush drive fit are all the same, there's a darn good chance it will fit. Do a visual check that they haven't changed the location of any of these items, it seems a lot of manufacturers are moving the brake rotor to the same side of the wheel as the sprocket, and using a bowed spoke to fit it in. Also check to be sure the brake caliper mounts the same between the different chassis. The online microfiche sites like bike bandit are good for that sort of research.
Hello, I know it is kinda of late, but no it will not fit. I had modified my bike too. I have a 2004-05 GSXR 750 and converted the front end and rims to fit my bike. Why. The 04-05 rotors are to short and will not expand long enough to reach the 06-07 calipers. Therefore, I changed my whole front end to a 06-07 750. As for the rims, by doing this the front rim was able to fit on perfect. The rear rim was another story. The 2004-05 Gsxr 750 rim is wider in the center, yes the tires are the same, but the Hub which the axle bolt goes through is wider. The 2006 rear rim center hub is shorter. Therefore, I made a part that would allow me to put the 2006-07 rim on my bike. With that said, your 2006-07 GSXR will not allow you to put the rim on, because the hub will be to wide for your bike. I must say the ride is much nicer. If you need photo's, email me at [email protected] .. Thanks and I hope this helps.
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Sorry, late to the party. Your better of changing the triples out and just installing the whole front end, forks and all.
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