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'04 Yamaha Road Star Feedback

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Where did MO get this guy Bass??? There may be 100 words of actual information in this tome. Cut down the personal crap and give us information on the motorcycles. Otherwise your future as a motorcycle hack will be deservedly short.
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The only thing a HD Fatboy would have over this Roadstar is resale value. Although now that HD is producing more and more bikes every year, they are beginning to oversaturate the market. Any HD owner who thinks he can buy a new Harley today and sell it for what he payed for it 4 years from now is mistaken. As for the new Roadstar it has more hp, torque, roomier riding postion, better suspension and brakes then any stock Fatboy.
Nah. Some people buy bikes to ride. I bet this is a great bike to ride, in the cruiser style. I had a Valky, it was a blast. I have a ZRX now, it's fun too. I cold care less what 'bikers' think. In fact I know there are a lot of Harley riding lawyers, but face it there are a lot of Harley riding losers ... biker gang types, meth heads, 'dudes' who drop their 'old ladies' off at the strip club at 5pm, etc. That's why Harley's cost 2x what this bike does to insure. Add 2x to keep running and the savings from brand Y just keep coming... plus, its a Yamaha, which shows you have a brain and think for yourself.

I know bikes and I've stopped to admire the big RS a bunch of times. I like looking at Harelys too. If I was in the market for this type of bike I would certainly consider the RS. The biggest advantage I see to HD is it is still easier to customize, and still is a little cooler looking.
Re: Stupid helmet

He looked like a gigantic penis in that one pic that was taken up close with the glasses.
Re: Apology accepted

YEAH EVANS... and if we want any more lip from you we'll scrape it off our zippers.
Re: honestly

Thats an interesting fact... I'll have to remember that if I am ever on Jeopardy... really, what kind of an ******* goes on Bass' site and tries to call him unprofessional... this coming from a guy that wears a wig. I have to question your judgement. You had better pray that Bass doesnt catch you somewhere alone... then you'll be REAL glad you got the full face helmet and look like a woman.
Re: Stupid helmet

I got a good laugh... I have a similar frame... 6'1 250... thts why i dont wear those glasses
MO, please give this **** back his ****ing 11.94 and get him the **** out of here....
Re: Evans, please go away

No, you took it from me long ago and you are soon approaching KPaul status. If I need a moron anytime soon, I'll give you a call.
I enjoyed the mental free thought (base). What would Sonny do? Great line, which is probably what Sonny would do.

Now if we can only get you fitted for a proper rain suit (straight jacket). The fem-bots might be able to help you there, if you just smile for them and stand at attention.
Re: Mags

'Friction Zone' and 'Backroads'!


Should be 'fiction Zone' and 'Backdoors' in light of your penchant for wig+skirt wearing.

By the way, do you know the HighWayMan?
Re: Puns

I believe the good Captain was defending you, as his post was in response to Sam's.....Dumbass.
Re: i wouldn't hit my dawg in the butt ...

I think we should get LostDog's opinion on this drag thing.....
Sure, that's exactly what they want. That's why half of the Road Star owners that I've talked to used to own Harleys, and sold them and bought a Road Star. Face it, Harley wasn't and will never be the first, last, and only company to make cruisers. I know a little about bikes, and so do many other people on this site, and I am quite impressed by this bike. Judging by the other posts for this story, so are a few other people. I don't know why you aren't, and quite frankly I don't give a sh!t.

Your ignorance about this category and what people want is embarassing. You didn't have to include your sentence stating that you're not a cruiser rider because it shows in the rest of your post. Did you ever consider that some people don't want to emulate Harley riders? Maybe they like to ride on weekends with two or three friends who ride other brands/types of bikes and don't really care what Harley riders think. Maybe they ride by themselves. Maybe they just want a comfortable bike to ride their wife/girlfriend on the back. Or , (here's a real shocker to the elitist Harley crowd), they formed their own group of Road Star or VTX or Intruder owners and prefer to hang with other people who own metric cruisers.

Your post also states that people who buy metric cruisers only buy them because they don't have the money to afford a Harley. That is the same argument used by typical elitist Harley riders who just can't accept that someone else would ride a bike different from theirs. Face it, some people buy metric cruisers because that's what they want, period. Maybe the metric bike offers more reliability, more advanced technology (if that turns ya on), more power, maybe they like the styling better, whatever. But to state that all metric cruiser buyers make the purchase based solely on price is ignorant. Also, some people ride their bikes and don't look at a motorcycle as an investment. They couldn't care less about the resale value.
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Feel better now?
You can now read about the bike - now has their report on the '04 Road Star up and it's facts and riding impressions and he wears a full face helmet.

Not a hint of a fat guy in a bathrobe. Maybe this test was really was an audition for the open slot in the "Two Fat Ladies" cooking show - you know the BBC/PBS show where these two Brit ladies (one now deceased) tour around in a sidecar equipped newer Triumph and cook lard loaded English traditional food. Befor I get flamed = it actually was a pretty entertaining show which this road test was not.
It seems kind of ludicrous to me that someone would choose to buy a bike that looks EXACTLY like a Harley--but they don't really want a Harley--they just like that style of bike--Harley style--but they don't really want a Harley.

Although you consider me "ignorant", I’ve been riding for 30 years. I’ve heard this story from Japanese cruiser riders dozens of times "I wanted a Harley, but my wife wouldn’t let me spend that much" – "Someday I’ll get a Harley…" or something similar.

I can understand people buying cruisers like the Valk or R1200C. There are nice cruisers out there that have their own unique style and are not pretending to be something else.

Yes, actually I do.
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