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'04 Yamaha Road Star Feedback

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Where did MO get this guy Bass??? There may be 100 words of actual information in this tome. Cut down the personal crap and give us information on the motorcycles. Otherwise your future as a motorcycle hack will be deservedly short.
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Fat Boy Styling

Well, in the 60's there were just 2 Harleys to buy, a Sporty and a FLH (Glide). No Superglide models then. Some guys didn't like all the bags and fairing, so they stripped off the bags and fairing, "chopped" the front fenders and fitted a smaller seat. Harley took that look that the guys rode back then and made the Fat Boy. Basically a stripped FLH from the 60's. Check EBay and look at mid 60's to 70's FLH Shovelheads and I'm sure you will see almost exactly what I'm talking about.

What a piece of work I was last week. I could try make excuses for my rants, but I won't.

I violated the two self-imposed rules that I try to follow in all internet discussions. The first, and most important, is no name calling. My standard response, when someone applies this debating "technique" on a discussion board, is to reply with "By resorting to personal attacks, you only demean yourself." This exchange proves that emphatically. So, when my initial assumption was proved to be false, making my entire point moot, I was handed my ass. As I should have been.

The second personal rule I didn't follow is based on advice a friend's grandfather gave me many, many years ago. He said, "Son, if you're already in a hole, there's no use to continue digging." More than once I've thought, in retrospect, that I should have heeded his advice. This is one of those times.

Everyone has their blind spots. One of mine happens to be the use of motorcycle helmets. Who knows why I chose last week to pop off on the helmet issue when a heated discussion had taken place on MO a few days earlier.

Mea culpa,

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hell, if *I* could I would. jesus man, lose the caps lock.
Use of Caps Lock is meant to convey yelling, according to standard internet usage.
yes, and so are multiple punctuation marks (which this person also uses very well) but there is a point when it loses all meaning and just becomes sandpaper for the eyeball.
well, what a moron (me) mistake, it was so civil a post that I could not fathom you posting it.

to answer your question initially, your post was modded down as 'idiotic troll' and is below your current view threshold. view everything as -1 and you can see your posts as well as kpaul's. have fun.
I think it has to do with his bike - you have an E-glide, right buz?
Harley didn't invent that style of motorcycle. It evolved over time as a conglomeration of styling elements from many other brands and models and Harley is just the company that has been doing it the longest and have been the most successful at it.

I'll grant that the R1200C has some original style to it, but the Valkyrie really doesn't (IMO) other than the engine. The fenders, forks, tank, and seat shape are all basically the same as a Road Star or Fat Boy or a Vulcan.
Of course you know that. I wouldn't expect anyone with the handle 99R6 to be able to figure that out.

Actually it started with my previous bike (Low Rider) which is part of the Dyna Glide family.
If anyone is actually in the market for a new Road Star I found a great article on one in

If anyone is interested in getting to know some dude named EBass, keep reading this website. Rumor has it that next month's issue is NO BIKES, just him modeling next spring's hottest bathrobe designs!

Think I'll just go ridin.

I agree. Do they actually think they are more interesting than the bikes? EBass should set up his own website, and leave this one for motorcycles.
while I'm loathe to type anything here (I'm upchucking a thought, as you may know)...I have to point out that ebass has won this battle.

most of the posts saying that this was a poorly written article have been moderated down to zero or below. unless someone (root, admin) is being unfair, the majority has spoken and have done their best to oust the naysayers. looks like ebass and the bathrobes are here to stay.

I, for one, welcome that (not saying that I like him in bathrobes, just that it's funny).
So they should make liquid cooled, OHC shaft drive cruisers just like the other three Japanese cruiser companies, even though that's not what the majority of the market wants?
Re: Puns

Nice read

I like the entertaining parts of your travels. AS to the performance and handling characteristics of a "want a be HOG" you’ve said it all.

For if you want speed; buy a rice rocket.

If you want to enjoy the ride, a cruiser is the only way to go.

The only thing you missed is a picture of the good looking young lady who greeted you.

Getting paid by the word, eh? What an exausting article. Just like the bike, it was long on style and short on substance.
Get a new article

These articles stay on way too long. A print magazine comes out once per month and has alot of articles. This online version has kept this one article out here for over 2 weeks. Get onto something new. You are screwing us subscribers with this lack of new material. As for the other where readers submit articles or thoughts for us to respond to. That is okay but you don't even pay the submitters. This MO in getting lame. To stay over 2 weeks on a japanese clone cruiser is very weak to say the least.
Re: Get a new article

So staying two weeks on a Harley would be okay then? How about two weeks on a sportbike?
>'wannabe' principal of design, lending >unwarranted credence to the >Highwaymanesque cry of HD owners >everywhere---to whit, that all metric cruisers >are HD knockoffs.

All metric cruisers are HD knock-offs sure. Wont take long till they start to ape the HD's new pioneering liquid cooled V2 concept also. Heh heh.

- cruiz-euro
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