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'05 BMW K1200S - U.S. Test

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First, OK, now when will my R be here?
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Excellent Review gentlemen. Nice Pictures. Road Racing world this issue has a review of the 2006 BMW K1200R to be used in the "new Boxer" cup series. I think their comments were inline with Sean's concerns about the vaque steering. Nice work great reading....Thanks..KPaul

And another thing...

Nice review and awesome bike.
BMW Turnsignals

I love their turn-signal switchgear. They are super easy to use and cancel. -Sean
I rode three different K1200S', including the one that Gabe rode down from San Francisco. They all have the same FI and Braking issues. -Sean
Did they actually ride the bike, or was it just a tech breifing with some BMW stock photos?
According to the article he did ride the bike. An ex-BMWphile did the dirty work. I just received the issue in the mail yesterday.
Gabe totally dropped my name. Sweet.
Re: BMW Turnsignals

I knew it had to happen some day, I completely disagree with you (not that you will lose any sleep over it). I totally hate the BMW switchgear, I find it so much easier to have the classic UJM switch on the left with press to cancel.

And I also hate the whole cruiser key location thing, a little standardization isn't going to kill your rugged individualism ya know.
Was anyone else annoyed by the visual distortion looking through the windshield? Both videos I looked at had horrible distortions on both sides.
I disagree

While I certainly have complaints about my 2003 VFR's FI, my 2002 R1 (fuel injected) had the most perfect fuel metering I had ever experienced, carb or FI. It was magical.
Re: Fritz never learns...

Who knew puppet bootknocking would be so - well - attractive!
dude... that's the windshield... nothing can be done about it.
I notice you testers were wearing the obligatory Beemer riding gear. Aerostich. I wear one on my SV650. If I'm shopping in a store wearing my stich, people come up and say "You must ride a BMW".


Umm.. because the Busa's ugly... and not nearly as comfortable?
Great review, thanks gents.

Sean, educate me-

In the dyno test you only used the clutch between 1st & 2nd gears then popped through the other 4 gears without bothering.

Does this improve straight line acceleration? Is this damaging to the transmission or other mechanisms? Wassup?
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Re: everybody please just abandon fuel injection

Guzzi has FI right, but who would have guessed that Guzzis even had fuel injection?
Nice review guys. I like the ESA option but that is not enough for me to trade my Kawasaki ZZR1200 for.
Okay, I'm not Sean...

...and will never be able to ride like him, but I'll take a stab at answering your question.

Theoretically, clutchless upshifting will improve accelleration--if you do it right. There's less lag time for clutch work and engine RPM doesn't drop much. Motorcycles have a constant mesh transmission, so the upshift minus clutch won't do any damage--if you do it right. (I do not suggest clutchless downshifting.)

Now, "to do it right," all you have to do is unload the transmission for a split second by shutting the throttle ever-so-briefly. With a little bit of upward pressure on the shifter, it'll snick right into gear. Once you get good at it, if feels like one motion.

(Racebikes have quick shifters that cut engine spark briefly through a sensor wired to detect pressure on the shifter so the rider doesn't have to manually unload the tranny.)

Will it improve your street riding? I doubt it, but it's fun to do. On the track, it's preferred.

Now, I'm guessing that Sean uses the clutch between first and second gear (as I do) because most bikes prefer to be shifted with the clutch there; the difference in ratios between 1 & 2 are farther apart, making the 1-2 clutchless upshift kind of sloppy and herky-jerky.

Did I forget anything, Sean?
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First off, the K looks better in a solid color. Although, the huge wheelbase is distracting; it just looks too long. I'd almost expect outriggers.

But I'll have to stand by my initial impression: Other than the ESA, this bike doesn't do anything much better than any bike out there now.

Still, I welcome it. More cool bikes is never a bad thing and this one will have its audience. But, boy, they really should get the bugs worked out--especially at the prices they charge.
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