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'05 BMW K1200S - U.S. Test

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First, OK, now when will my R be here?
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Re: Okay, I'm not Sean...

You pretty much nailed it. I use the clutch for 1-2 because the tranny makes that big jump accross neutral then CLUNKS into second on most bikes. When sport riding, I use the clutch on 1-2 to prevent the shift from breaking the tire loose (I prefer to use throttle and lean angle for that). -Sean
Re: boxer er, power cup footage?

Sorry, only place I know of is, and ya gots to pay to watch.

They have reasonable prices, though, especially if you don't have to watch the live webcast.
Shouldn't a review at least mention the price? Of is it one of those things that if you have to ask don't bother.

At any rate I think it's the only bike around, except for the Blackbird, which fits into a niche with my 1200ZZR, which you can get for something in the $10K range. Sounds like a reasonable comparo but probably too narrowly focused to bother with.

I think I'd take it over my ZZR if it wasn't for that X thousands of dollars more.

Re: Okay, I'm not Sean...

Ah, crap, I forgot to mention moving across neutral. Well, that's what you're here for.

Ooh, and I hate that CLUNK. False neutrals give me the squirms. You just know you, and everyone around, is going to heard that dreaded sound.

Ahem, not that that happens to me much, of course...
And while you are trying to figure out how to configure a windsock for your mics, hows about logging onto J&R - or something similar - and getting a consumer grade steadycam thingie. Last time I looked, they were bout $500 or so.
My previous bike was a ZZR1200. My good friend wrecked it and I replaced it with a Blackbird. The Blackbird is a better motorcycle. Smoother, better seat, fuel injection with no flat spots, better riding position, better build quality, about the same power. I would never consider going back to the ZZR after having my Blakbird. Unfortunately, they are no longer marketed in the USA. Rumor has it that a replacement will come.
So you're either Don from Scuderia or Terry Gross?
It's in the spec chart

$15,750 plus options. (ESA, ABS, heated grips.)

Jeez! Do we need to do a ZZR/K1200S/Hayabusa comparo?

rapier asks: "Shouldn't a review at least mention the price?"

And I reply: Shouldn't a poster at least read the article, before the post a missing info complaint? The MSRP and Option Prcing are clearly listed at the top of the Spec Chart.
Re: Price!

So There! :p
Re: Okay, I'm not Sean...

Here's another shifting related question. Hopefully it's not a dumb one.

I had a chance not long ago to play around on a track only SV650s.

I quickly realized that the shift pattern is backwards. (First gear is up, and you stomp down for all the higher gears)

Is this normal for a race bike? If so why do they set them up that way?
Re: Okay, I'm not Sean...

...but I believe 'race pattern' shifting's benefit is that you can upshift (by pushing down) while leaned over (like out of a corner). That way your foot won't drag because it's under the shift lever. Most downshifting, on the other hand, is done prior to the corner at low or no lean angle.
Re: Okay, I'm not Sean...

Tonnyharrah has it. The "race pattern" is used so that it is possible to upshift, whithout trapping your boot between the pavement and the shift lever. On most bikes it's a simple matter of reversing the shift linkage by turning the pivot upside-down at the footpeg or the gear selector input shaft. SV's can be switched back and forth in about five minutes. -Sean
Re: Okay, I'm not Sean...

This reminds me.... I really want another SV race bike, cause I'm getting the itch to go back into competition. (Better yet, anybody have a spare GSXR 1000 that I can run in both AMA Superbike and Superstock?)
i will reserve judgement until i actually ride one. i learned long ago not to judge motorcycles based on road tests, as entertaining as they may be.

the cool thing about beemers is that you get to ride them before you buy. so make up your own mind.

i read some pretty poor reviews of my '03 K1200LT in the press, but i test-rode one anyway, and bought it on the spot, based on handling, brakes, and comfort. i really, really like the servo-assist brakes. they take some getting used to, sure, but once you take the time you'll never go back.

everybody i talked to who has ridden an S has been blown away by it. maybe not as powerful as a Busa, but that seem pretty academic to me, given that i ride on public roads and all. plus BMW fasteners are not made from aged cheese.
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I have ridden several BMWs that I liked the Servo-Assist brakes on. The K1200S is not one of them. It seems to have more stiction and slop in the system than other BMWs I've ridden. I also have concerns for clutch longevity, as two of the three K1200S' that I put hundreds of miles on had problems with the clutch slipping and neither bike had more than 3,500 miles on it. -Sean
bummer. i was pretty jazzed about the new K bikes ... especially the K1200R model. sounds like they are not ready for prime time.

BTW ... when are you guys gonna test the naked bike? i hear it is shipping now.
I have to take issue with a couple of statements in the article one was the Duoleve front end, the advantage is the rake and trail stay the same they don't change under braking Vs a modern telescopic fork.

I have 3200 miles on my bike and the brakes are fine of course there are no back brakes to speak of typical BMW stuff. yes it does surge at the low end and I updated to the new software and it has helped allot. It it a very big and better upgrade Vs the RS and handles very well for its size and length.

Is it a Busa beater?? hell no!!!!!!!!! But IMHO it looks better.
Well on the two boards I visit nobody has complained about the brakes only you. Even other motorjournalist have never complained about the brakes........maybe you are just used to UJM brakes???
If you wouldn't abuse the clutch maybe it would last longer and another thing all you have to do is snap the throttle and the thing comes right up.....why are you using the clutch?????
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