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I really enjoy odd and funky bikes and the HP looks like a big sloppy bag of fun.

The price is, of course, a concern. I hope this won’t be used against the US market that we doesn't buy standards/motards/dualpurpose bikes.

With any hope, this is just the first model that Beemer will offer and the rest will be, at least, closer to reason as far as a price point is concerned.

I noticed that it is listed as having a 2.9 gallon fuel tank INCLUDING a 1 gallon reserve. Isn't this EXTREMELY small??? Is this stat right? If it is, what range did you guys get out of it? The stat must be wrong otherwise I would have thought this would have been mentioned as a shortcoming.

Anyhow, I love the review and I am thankful more and more that I have long legs and tall seat heights aren't nearly as much of a concern as it is for most.

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