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'06 FJ 1300A Purchase.

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Excellent deal. With the lower price, the kPPI goes up to 87.40 from 83.48. I really love the looks of the FJ 1300 A. Compared to other bikes in category the FJ easily has the best kPPI.

Bike kPPI*

Kawasaki EX500 73.70

Suzuki GS500F 56.84

Buell Firebolt 88.20

Kawasaki ZX-6R 96.71

Triumph 675 95.59

Ducati 748 71.93

Suzuki GSXR1000 114.15

Suzuki SV650S 92.25

Yamaha FJR1300 83.48

Honda ST1300 70.67

Harley Road Glide 40.34

Harley V-Rod 63.64

Harley Sportser 1200 Roadster 66.33

Suzuki GSX-R750 100.00 (standard)

*kPPI-kpaul Price Performance Index - copyright pending
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Where does it loose points to the GSXR, luggage or ergonomics?
Weight.. You are comparing apples and oranges... Compare the FJ to the ST or Road King... My index is the compilation of 5 ratios (it's a secret).

BMW R1200RT 60.44


Weight and Price both contribute to the poor kPPIs for BMW bikes
Apples and Oranges?

Huh, I thought your index was comparing motorcycles to motorcycles.
Re: Apples and Oranges?

Lord only knows what the parameters are for someone who's never ridden a motorcycle more than 100 miles in his life.
My '06 FJR is easily one of the best bikes (out of 78) that I've owned. GR8 all around street bike with, finally, the heat flaws resolved. My '03 was warm in the 70s, HOT in the 80s, above 90...fergeddit! "06 has been ridden, comfortably, in lo 90s with humidity to match.

Both handling and ride comfort are improved, too. You can get the 4 year YES warranty thru NEC (Elkhart, IN) for $369.00; lowest price in the USofA. Call (574) 264-0618 ask for Paul. Got both of my FJRs and warranty there...satisfied customer. You will enjoy the bike when you get her: fast fun! DFO
2 weeks ago I was lookin to buy one....I found them for sale all over the country....Dallas and Houston had bought onewith 175 miles on it in Green Bay Wi......and road it back to Tx......
We need a new moderator option of "retarded"...
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