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06 K1200GT Exhaust Smell?

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If it's an 06, take it to the dealer. It should still be under warranty. First post, by the way.

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Emissions warranties go FAR beyond ridin' the thing off the lot - probably any bike out there that's new enough to have an exhaust catalyzer on it is still under Fed-mandated emissions-equipment warranty. Even if your "soup to nuts" warranty has expired.
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I took a trip from Kansas City to the Tail of the Dragon last year with a group of guys and one of them had a 2006 K1200R. By the end of the trip he was forced to ride at the end of the line because no one could stand to smell his bike. It seemed to occur when he was getting on the throttle (i.e. passing a car). All I can say is it's a great bike, but man it sure does stink! If it were me, I'd lose the OEM pipe setup. It's got to be something in the converter.
If the fuel mixture is too rich the catalytic convertor converts unburned fuel to something harmless but which smells like farts.
Actually this sounds like a good way to keep tailgaters off your back wheel? Probably should be fixed though.

I agree with the posts above, take it to your shop and let them sort it out for ya. On this new of a bike, it should be covered.
Yep, that's what it is.

Blame the bike if the dog is not around.
All I can say is it's a great bike, but man it sure does stink! It's got to be something in the converter.

It's the Fish-Guts impregnated in the catalyst substrate.................
Thanks everyone for your interest in my problem. The best way I can describe the smell is chemical/burning smell.Regarding the thought that the bike is running rich,the computer says that I am getting 50 mpg which is more than the advertised mpg.I was pushing the bike, rolling on coming thru the twisties.Ive put a call in to my local dealer but as yet haven't heard from him. Changing the exhaust system is an option but I would think that would be a BMW responcibility.Headed for Rhode Island this week we'll see if I get any bad looks from the general public.

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