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'06 Kawasaki ZX-10R Track Test

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YEEEEHAAAAA....thanks guys!
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It's long, soft, roomy and powerful. What else do you want to know?
How does it look with chromed wheels and swingarm?

Does it look better with leopard or zebra faux fur?

Is there good vendor support for miscellaneous oriental symbols?

Is it a good first bike?

What add ons are available to increase it to 200hp so 18 year olds really have something to brag about?

Does this bike make me more impressive looking when pulling a wheelie down the street on Mill Ave in Tempe?

Seriously though, from the photos I’ve seen, It actually looks like it has a comfortable riding position.

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appliances vs. antiques?

i bet the antiques last longer and don't get tossed out with yesterday's news in 2 years.
Thanks Sean,

The "lapping Fontana" video put a tear in my eye. Track-season just around the corner.

Sad to say, that's probably all that needs to be said. You've convinced me, I am going to quit wasting my time reading about motorcycles.
Nice review worth the wait. Just the right combo of techy stuff and riding impression Nice videos and pictures as usual. Thanks MO...
Hot Dang!!!!!!! Great review! Well worth the wait!

Wish I was there to watch it go down.

Thanks, Dirty. Slight regret on aquisition of Old KLR650 after consumtion of article. Sigh.

Still, could probly pass some Haydens with supermoto front end. Sniff.
The KLR650 is still a great bike for most mere mortals. Enough acceleration to 60 mph to put most cars in your vibrating rear mirrors, but not enough to get you killed if your careful. And then theres that whole offroad world.

Frankly, I'd like to own a bike that could do 175 mph, but I'm old enough to know I I'd probably die before reaching anywheres near that speed.
Dont let my goofy article comments fool ya- I love the finally aquired KLR already, and got it specifically for the potholed Big City, but... sometimes when you put your used/new tractor down the road, and hold your hat on as a new rocket blasts by, you may remember the one you had. Thats all. Not a bike out there I cant enjoy!

BTW, where do YOU site your oil- beyond(just)the top mark, or above the glass, etc? Whats your mileage if you have diff exhaust, jet, etc? My old 89 is rejetted+supertrapped, runs strong, not stupidly rich- anyhoo, any wisdom, tips much apriciated, thanks-

wells in NYC.
It sounds like a considerable upgrade in terms of performance, but I simply CAN'T get past the looks. It looks like a sport touring version of the ZX-10. Maybe some hard luggage or a trailer to complete the list of accessories?
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