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'06 Suzuki Boulevard M109R

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Thanks for the review. I like it! And good for suzuki for taking a shot at an entertaining non-harley cruiser. Add a small screen and some luggage and this might make a great touring rig.

BTW, the term "all day comfort" is being beaten to death. Why don't we have a rating listed as "X amount of miles would be reasonable on this bike." Not that it really matters, I have a starbucks 2 miles away.
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Re: Why a

I too find the M109R to be an intriguing new design -- a cruiser for those who want some degree of sporting performance and more power. However, as I think about it, exactly what is the purpose of this 694 pound beast? The whole idea of a cruiser (to my mind) does not much encompass the performance side of motorcycling. Rather, it's to enjoy the comfortable, spread-out, relaxing experience of riding a bike with a big engine that is not "busy" feeling. It' s to ride a bike that is strong but not particularly fast, in short, a bike that's fun to ride slowly.

For cruising, I have a Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Nomad that excels at this type of riding, and which, for good measure, has been enhanced so that it is also fine for long distance riding (at a relaxed pace). It weighs even more than the M109R (but not much), and it's acceleration is fine for what it's intended for. It doesn't need any more power than it has.

On the other hand, if you want a big-torque V-twin with more performance for the street, why choose a 694 pound behemoth? I also have a Buell M2 Cyclone that has a simple, low maintennance 1200 cc V-twin that is a fine nimble-handling street sportbike. It has substantially less power than the M109R, but it also weighs only 438 pounds! When you add my weight to that of the 109 and to the Cyclone and compare the HP to weight ratios, the Cyclone comes out slightly better.

The M109R looks like a fine machine (and I've seen one in person), but I really wonder what the point of a "performance cruiser" really is.
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