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'06 Suzuki Boulevard M109R

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Thanks for the review. I like it! And good for suzuki for taking a shot at an entertaining non-harley cruiser. Add a small screen and some luggage and this might make a great touring rig.

BTW, the term "all day comfort" is being beaten to death. Why don't we have a rating listed as "X amount of miles would be reasonable on this bike." Not that it really matters, I have a starbucks 2 miles away.
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Re: How about this.

I would buy a harley if they could make them have the performance looks and price of this bike.

but they don't because they are into making harley clones over at harley.l.o.l.
Actually, now that the big four are figuring out that it's not in their best interest to continue to unsuccessfully clone Harleys, and start leveraging their considerable technology and experience to build unique, powerful bikes that actually work, I think that Harley is going to be surprised at the coming surge in Jap cruiser marketshare. I bought the 109, as it was the straw that broke the camel's back for me to convert from my sportbike. The VTX1800 caught my attention, as did the Warrior (let's not forget the VMAX), but it was the M109R that did it. Why? Because Suzuki knows what we want and need and they're not too chicken to do it any longer. Maybe it's because the big four are using their North American product teams?? Trust me, even the Harley guys are looking at the M109R with their peripheral vision. Last weekend at the local biker hangout my 109 drew a crowd. Those were the folks that weren't the psuedo stuck-up HD guys, and the ladies were loving it too ("Honey, look at THIS one") but like I said even the guys who didn't walk up to it were hiding behind their sunglasses admiring it. Let's not forget that there are so many new riders out there, professional guys and gals who can afford harleys, so they buy them thinking it's the top of the cruiser food chain. They don't have anything more than a superficial loyalty to HD, simply because they paid so much for it. It won't take long to figure out that they could be riding a more capable/reliable bike for a hell of a lot less money and looking sexy while doing it. Hats off to HD and the Customs builders for the inspiration, and kudos to the big four for taking cruisers to the next level. At 41, I was ready.
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Re: How about this.

"I would buy a harley if they could make them have the performance looks and price of this bike."

Nah, Harley does not cater for the poor. Maybe if voted in the dumocrats they could pass a law allowing you to put your food stamps towards a Harley?
Yes, you're right!

SV-650, SV-1000, V-Strom, GSX-R 600/750/1000, Hayabusa. this bike, etc. Yes, of course, they're all complete garbage. How could anyone waste money on one of these sh!tboxes?

I don't think you could trade one of them for a Schwinn within 18 months. Oh, yeah, I see most of these crappy bikes selling on the used market for a lot more than that, closer to normal vehicle depreciation, but that's only because all the people buying them are total idiots. All the smart people know that they're really worth nothing, no matter how much the market actually values them.

And the expense of maintaining them is outrageous! $200 for a tune-up?? Have those little rice-consuming-sneak-attack-loving Nips been inhaling too much of the Emperor's gastric fumes again?? They can't even sell you a genuine Harley-Davidson chrome brake switch cover or H-D Essence of Gear Box Oil Perfume for the one you love! What's up with that, Tojo? (You know, everyone needs these essential items--if only the rice riders weren't so stupid.)

Come on, everyone knows that a good 'ole American H-D is worth just as much used as it is new. Willie G. and the boys, working in a super-secret laboratory up there in Millwaukee, have managed to develop a high-tech and semi-mystical coating that's applied to every H-D, making them impervious to normal market forces, wear and significant depriciation. Of course, those rice-eating yellow devils will use their brainwashed American traitor-riders to disinform the public with rumours about big production numbers, the glut of used H-Ds, increased depriciation, and a shrinking demographic. But anyone with any brains knows that Willie G. is working on a new super-duper-secret laser that will actually make used Harleys worth MORE than new ones.

Heh, I almost feel sorry for those rice-worshipping [email protected] Almost, but not quite.
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I’m convinced!

"Harley does not cater for the poor."

I don't know any way to read this except that the Motor Company will only serve food to rich patrons. (I wonder if I can book them for my next shindig? I wonder what the income guidelines will be? Will they be pegged to federal standards?)

"Maybe if voted in the dumocrats . . . " UG. ME VOTE FOR GRAND REALLY OLD PARTY. IT HERE SINCE CAVEMAN DAYS. UGH.

While your eloquent and infallible points have certainly convinced me, I think that somewhere, right now, George Will is shuttering.
Re: Yes, you're right!

"SV-650, SV-1000, V-Strom, GSX-R 600/750/1000, Hayabusa. this bike, etc. Yes, of course, they're all complete garbage. How could anyone waste money on one of these sh!tboxes?"

I suspect it is due to lack of breeding or lack of intellect. Possibly both? But I do feel sorry for ricers. Hell, I feel sorry for all handicapped folks.
Re: I’m convinced!

"I don't know any way to read this except that the Motor Company will only serve food to rich patrons."

Sure. Not everybody has class and almost as few recognize class.

Those who don’t have class smell rice. Those who cannot recognize class smell rice and enjoy it.
Re: Yes, you're right!

Wow...way to represent the Harley crowd!

Raceist and crude. Keep up the good work.
Re: Yes, you're right!

Did you read the whole post? If not, look up "sarcasm" in the dictionary.
Re: Yes, you're right!

LOL - seems he got stuck at 'ricer' in the dictionary ...
Re: Yes, you're right!

Fair enough...the sarcasm is kind of lost in text though. Rereading it w/ sarcasm in mind...funny.

I was thinking as I was reading it "man, could this guy fit the streotype any better" at the end I thought in your Harley rider persona you were just being a smug troublemaker. Now I see where you're coming from!
The conversation (the part you left out)

Biyatch : "Honey, look at THIS one"

HD Owner : "It is a Suzuki baby"

Biyatch : "A Suzuki !?"

HD Owner : "Afraid so"

Biyatch : "But is says Boulevard on the side"

HD Owner : "Yep, they’re trying to hide what it really is"

Biyatch : "Oh well, you can ever trust these asians can you"

HD Owner : "No baby, lets go over and look at some real bikes"

Ricer : "But a Suzuki is a real bike"

Biyatch : "Yeah? You probably think you have a real d1ck too {laughing}"

HD Owner : "Do not fun of the man Baby, he cannot help that he is poor ..."

Biyatch : "Honey, give him some money and make him go away ..."

HD Owner : "No baby, he'll just spend it on rice again."

Ricer : "Mr, may I sit on your bike to see what a real bike feels like"

HD Owner : " No dude, I do not want my bike to smell of rice …"
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Lost in the text?

You didn't really think that I was lamenting the unavailability of a chrome brake switch cover (whatever that is) or H-D branded essence of gear oil perfume, did you?
Re: The conversation (the part you left out)

I thought you didn't say the Suzuki wasn't a real bike?

Okay, I get it. You're just pulling our legs. There's no way you can be such a wanker.

Good one.
Re: Lost in the text?

LOL I believe he was ...

I bet you have some HD assless chaps that you wear in secret when nobody is watching.
Re: The conversation (the part you left out)

I left out the part were the ricer and his wife get sodomized and made to walk home naked ... them prison habits are sure hard to break sometimes.
Re: The conversation (the part you left out)


Excon couldn't afford the mortgage payment you need to own a harley.

Unless he is turning tricks at the local HOG Chapter.

The Harley=Bad Ass days are long over...

Now a days...

Harley=Baby Boomer Midlife crisis.

Harleys are the Corvettes and Miattas of the 21 Century.
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Re: Lost in the text?

By definition, all chaps are assless.

And wouldn't you like to know.
Re: The conversation (the part you left out)

LOL - that's good.

If Harelys were actually still [email protected] middle aged rich guys wouldn't be buying them. Face it, Harley marketing has neutered the brand.

Me, I'd by a Victory for American iron or one of these things. Yeah, it looks like it might have been taken out of Akira, but what hell. 127 hp and ***** loads of torque in a package that looks modern and clean. Works for me. If the Harley guys don't like it so much the better, who wants to look like just another Harley rider?
Re: The conversation (the part you left out)

"Face it, Harley marketing has neutered the brand."

I am doing my best to roll that back ;-)

I rode the Victory Hammer and it is a fine bike.

The 250 rear tire does feel a bit like a beach ball when doing a tight turn but the bike feels solid otherwise. Good looking too.
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