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I own the 06 R6 Raven (Black) and have owned over two dozen bikes in my 36 year riding history. This bike does it for me like no other. Besides looking awesome it performs like a real race bike in stock trim. Sure it is down on low end power for sake of higher HP numbers but I have no trouble riding it on the street. The power is definately two stroke like but I have ridden many two strokes like Cr480's and 500's so it doesn't bother me a lick. I traded in my 02 R1 for this bike. The way this bike is geared I can roll of the line and pin it all the way up to 80 mph in first and then it's a quick shift fest up to 6th. The bike literally wants to shoot out from underneath you and it can be difficult to roll off the throttle so you better be ready to upshift, hit the rear brake or pull in the clutch or you will overshoot everything.

The bike loves to be in between 10 and 16 grand where it makes all it's power. Since it makes it's 111 rwhp at 14,600 I have the shift light set at 15,500 to compensate for the 9% error that Yamaha made in the tach's accuracy.

The Dunlop Qualifiers are working very well and are holding up good in the wear dept. I get alot of people asking me about the bike and lots of thumbs up.

I was carving down the Kern canyon between Lake Isabella and Bakersfield Ca. and pushing her pretty hard and in one corner the front tire got a little twitch that has got me ready to put on a steering stabilizer. It does need one and that is my only complaint about the bike. For the money I paid it should come with one.

I know that some people hate the look of the silencer but I like it and it makes a great sound from right off idle all the way up. The fly by wire throttle is also very cool and it works well by holding the rpm's right where you want them in the turns and responsive to all my input.

I looked at all the bikes before I commited to the R6 and truthfully I like them all. I could have gone with any one of them and been happy. I looked especially hard at the Honda but in the end it just looked to dated but I know they are reliable and great bikes. You can't go wrong with any of the middleweights. Just follow your heart and buy one.
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