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'06 Yamaha R6 or Honda CBR 600RR?

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I work at a dealership that sales all brands but havent had a chance to ride the 06's yet. Both are great bikes and doubt you could go wrong with either. From the reviews Ive read the honda is a better all around bike and more street friendly. Good luck and dont pay for frieght and prep charges they are bunk and just profit tools along with gap and extended warrenty the F & I guy will hit you up for when you do the paperwork. You should pay around 8500 plus tax and that is all. 8500 is a fair deal for you and dealership.

Good Luck. Mike
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Can't go wrong with either bike. I have a preference to the '06 Honda CBR 600RR because I have one and love it to death! I also have a '04 Honda 599 which is a much, more comfortable bike with almost as much pep as the CBR. It has the old CBR 600 F3 engine, it's also a very sexy bike and very affordable. Besides, naked bikes are comming into fashion! :) Good luck with your search and I hope this helps.
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