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'07 Multistrada 1100 AND 1100 S Announced for U.S.

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I'm first but can't afford them.
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when you buy Ducati it just feels like you are buying a name how bout a vstrom
I still can't get over the limited rwhp. Sorry, it ain't everything, but it's a significant part of the picture. 85'ish rwhp for an 1100cc, at $12K?! Not me! I don't care who's name is on the gas tank.
Well, when compared to the Vstrom, it appears you are also buying looks.
You're clearly used to the bull***** that the Japanese manufacturers put out there. I had to educate a co-worker of mine that his '00 CBR600f4 didn't actually weigh 374 pounds dry (407 actual)and it didn't actually make 110 hp (95 actual) Ducati, unlike the Japanese manufacturers, has long quoted rwhp and is rarely off by much. I think the whole industry is finally coming around to this, but the big 4 Japanese companies have been pretty bad in the past.

The first (2003) Multistradas were quoted by Ducati to put out 84 hp and most dyno tests show 81-83. MO got 81.95 hp during its 2003 Funky Twins shootout. The engine was claimed to put out 92 hp for the SS version and I believe all models (Monster and Multi)were given SS spec engines for 06. Dyno tests for the SS spec engine have been about 88-89 hp. My guess is the 1100 DS engine will show 90-92 hp on an dyno. Perhaps what you need to understand more than that is the 76 lb-ft of torque and the fact that all hp and lb-ft are not created equal. HP and torque curves matter. The 1000DS is a very entertaining engine and the 1100 will likely be even more so.

Test ride one of these bikes and let me know if you still "need" more hp.

Maybe you will. Maybe you're an adrenaline junky and just like the rush of arm-pulling acceleration. That's cool if you do. Maybe you're one of those guys who simply must be able to spin up his rear tire at any time and/or do stand up wheelies on the freeway. If so, then you "need" 150 hp so go look at a GSX-R 1000 or ZX-14 etc. If you like to really like high rpms and like winding a bike up, grab a newer 600. Different strokes, blah, blah, buy what you like.
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Not with the Multistrada - unless you put the modifier "fugly" ahead of the word "looks".
$14,000 for a Multistrada? Ducati will quickly find out that their pricing practices are still way off the mark. Too bad, because the reduced maintenance cost had removed one of the main practical obstacle to owning one of their machines. The truth is, the Ducati "mystique" alone is no longer enough to sell whatever product they want at any price they chose. They might want to take a good look at Triumph, which makes excellent bikes that are not priced out of reach of mere mortals "just because of the name on the tank".
I'm suprised that anyone takes the dry weight and HP claims of the Big4 ad copy writers seriously. These figures have been BS for decades, especially dry weight figures which appear to be taken by removing the battery and tires and chain. I think they use the shipping weight and call it "dry weight". HP figures are apparently simply invented. "Hey Joe.... how does 148HP sound this year? It's got to be better than last year no matter what the dyno says. We'll sell thousands of 'em before the squids figure it out."

Sounds good at the Burger Barn though.
The Ohlins equipped S has been pricey from the get-go. They'll do ok without you.

As for yet another improved twin: now we just can't have manufactures improving such an obsolete engine configuration. No sir-ee. We just can't have that at all.

Wonder what the KPPI is: not. Sorry, couldn't resist.

Moron alert: over at OneWheel, Gary Eagan has completed a quick Trans-Canada ride on a Strada 1100. I believe he did it in 51 or 52 hrs.

I'd give more, but gotta run. Fun up on the TN Plateau for me this week. Business fun that is - ie., no fun whatsoever zone.
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As soon as I get a quarter mile time I can compute it....


If you really HAVE to have power, buy a Duc Desmosedici and get over 200. Where exactly do you use it? I don't see many of these horseposer guys at the dry lakes or Bonneville.
On this subject, if you look at their website, tou'll notice they are touting an increased maintenance schedule interval - for all their bikes. From 2006 to 2007, they are saying that they've increased theur initial quality through factory improvements. Do you think this is true, or do you think they just changed the requirement because the average person who is considering a Ducati just says NO to the expensive maintenance?
The great thing about the new 1100 engine is it is absolutely killing the resale on the existing 1000 DS engined bikes. Ducati is also offering a rebate (I think it's $2000) on 2006 Multistradas. I'm looking at replacing my '99 Monster and buying a used Multistrada 1000 or Monster 1000 in the next 6 months, so this is all good news for me! Clean and lightly used 03-04 Multistradas can easily be found for ~$8500. If the price for a new one is too steep, quit complaining and buy used!
IMO, they are finding the valves within spec at the 6k and saying, "let's run them to 7.5k" To that end, what was the extent of the "free" service promotion DNA ran this year?
Subjective indeed. I think a Strom still looks worlds better than a Multistrada -- one of the fugliest bikes IMHO -- as does the bubble-styled Tiger, with the Ulysses and of course GS looking the most thought out of the bunch.
Damn, you're missing the point. Even a Monster 620 has the torque grunt to feel fast, and the Stada -- looks notwithstanding -- is a real performance machine. Don't dwell on hp numbers... a great moto is more than just specs. That said, I've had several Strada riders say they wish they'd bought a V-Strom and saved the cash for extra bells and whistles.
Re: horses

Damn straight. Besides, the moto is only part of the equation. The real question is can you handle more hp? I know I find any 600-750cc modern bike more than enough to feel crazy on and even my old ZX-9R was more power than I like for street use. ;-)
Hmmm... $11,995 for the Duc OR $11,495 for the Ulysses. Now, which one's maintenance is going to be cheaper?
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