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It seems that the Vatican has determined that the roads are not holy enough. Read about what they've done about it.

I think some ammendments are needed to address the righteousness of the motorcycle, and to ensure that all riders are riding in The Way. Some thoughts:

1) Thou shalt not put dino oil in thine engine, lest it become a place of sin.
2) Thou shalt not descriminate thine brake usage based upon the trivialities of "contact patch" and "weight distribution" for those matter not in the eyes of the Lord.
3) Thou shalt not ride thine motorcycle before being authorized to so by the Lord and the State.
4) Thou shall wave to all others who embrace the Holy Motorcycle.
5) Thou shall spend more time riding a bike than washing a bike.
6) It is an abomination to ride a scooter, even if it displaces 650cc.
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Not open for further replies.