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A standard argument for the borderline socialist. The interstate commerce clause and even more broadly, the general welfare clause, are now listed as the constitutional license for the federal government to regulate virtually anything under the sun, whether or not it actually has anything to do with interstate commerce or will, in fact, promote the GENERAL (not individual) welfare.

If in fact these constitutional provisions were intended to be as far-reaching as they are supposed to be today, why wouldn't the framers simply include them as the last part of the constitution? Why write those clauses and then proceed to list multiple specific and limited powers thereafter? Why even list specific powers of the federal government at all, since of course it has gone far beyond those listed?

With regard to our "rights":

A certain segment of our society (read: socialists and liberals) has successfully groomed the populace to believe that we have "rights" far beyond the classic meaning of same. You have the right to life, liberty, and property, but not property that belongs to someone else. You have no "right" to be employed or any "right" to healthcare. It would be perfectly constitutional for a private company to refuse to hire women, and for a resturaunt to refuse servce to anyone they please. A bank can do business with whomever they choose. Under any classical reading of the constitution, no one can be forced into an association against their will. Yes, this gives license to be a bigot or a racist or a sexist, but while those things are horrible, they do not conflict with the constitution. The only way my rights would "bump into" someone else's is if I decided to physically force my will upon them or their property.

Lastly, it's not that we don't like the "way" government is doing it. We don't want the government to do it at all. We cannot vote out politicians who disregard the constutition and trample our liberties because our votes merely cancel out the reams of sheep like you that have been conditioned to meekly bow to the brain wizards in Washington so that you might receive your benefits.
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