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Re: Earth to H-D . . .

Actually, the ad space buyers are a little more clever than the WNBA fiasco would lead you to believe. There have been plenty of ads for Buell here on MO. Eric Buell has ideas that are at least interesting, if not completely convincing, to the "typical" MOReader, and I think the ad buyers are smart enough to know that we'll look at the ads.

Willy G. seems to have a knack for coming up with designs that appeal to the leather fringe and chrome and life-saving pipe crowd. For better or worse, he leaves the sporty stuff to Buell.

As I type this, it occurs that in my eyes, and I'm sure those of many other folks here, Eric Buell and Pierre Terblanche come up with ideas and products that interest us here - whether we like 'em or hate 'em. Mainstream Harleys don't arouse much excitement, by and large, certainly not compared with what Ducati and Buell are up to.

While Willie G's book has early racers, judging from the photos. I wonder if the book even mentions Cal Rayborn, the best pavement racer Harley ever had, and by all accounts the equal of Hailwood, Roberts, Nixon and the best of the current crop. But I somehow doubt that invoking Rayborn's name would sell many twin cam 88's, or even Buells, for that matter.
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