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1098S On The Dyno

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I might just have to buy that obsolete V-Twin. If Duc doesn't grab market share with this bike, I'll be very surprised.
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Impossible. The GMP says V-Twins suck and Ducati does too. How can you go against that logic?
It ain't legal

The last hurrah for the racing V-Twin is nice looking and has impressive numbers but it ain't legal yet in any racing series. I'll wait for a yellow V-4 boys..
"If Duc doesn't grab market share with this bike, I'll be very surprised. "

It depends on whether kpaul's daughter's boyfriend likes it.
Re: It ain't legal

"it ain't legal yet in any racing series. I'll wait for a yellow V-4 boys.."

Uhhh... because you'll be racing it?

Definitely a DSRT statement...
Yes, and two-thirds of that are available at a tick above idle. What a nice engine for real-world street riding.
Re: It ain't legal

And your Honda Fit is racing in what class?
With some help from a Power Commander, you could probably eradicate the little EPA-induced dip in torque too...yummy.
How much market share?

When Ducati's total production can't exceed 38,000 bikes a year without getting a new factory?
Re: How much market share?

Isn't demand for your product how a new factory gets built?
Re: It ain't legal

You have to be joking. Owning a Fit would be dangerously close to practicing what he preaches.
Real world? Ha! Spec-sheet racers don't need no steenking "real world." They figure that top-weighted powerbands are just a couple downshifts away.

Not that you actually hear them rolling down the street at 11,000 rpm - even they find that exhausting and annoying. But hey, that power is just a couple downshifts away!

I'm still trying to figure out how awesome power that's rarely used is better than merely huge power that's always on tap.
Re: It ain't legal

What kind of fool assumes that everyone even cares that a particular bike fits in a racing series? Where does that come from? Only the Burger Barn crowd with their stacks of bike mags.

Heck, I used to rag on Harley's and think that hp/cc was the ne plus ultra of motorcycling too. and I used to think that because Honda won GP races that that somehow made the street bikes better even though none of the streetbikes bore even superficial resemblances to the GP bikes. Then I graduated from high school.....

If racing bikes drive streetbike sales then where were all the two-stroke sport street bikes during the 80's and 90's? Answer: There were none. Racing wins only impresses a tiny percentage of bike buyers. Most could care less.
Re: It ain't legal

Your speedometer goes to like 220, man this bike must be fast. Have you like gone 220?

I'm waiting for the "VTX Cup" series befor I buy my cruiser.
this hype about the 1098 is a conspiracy directed at ME!!

they (ducati) want me to trade my '05 999 in for mere peanuts..

to get the all new-lighter-faster-1098.

I'm going nuts!!!

I hope there are some major flaws that surface before I get the insane urge to head out to the dealer

and make the trade.

this way I can keep my bike.

feeling a peace with myself :)

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I had this much throttle left.

Back in my youth in the late 70s or so, I had a friend who had one of those Pontiac Firebird T/As with the big Screaming Chicken decal on the hood. The EPA strangled V8 was probably putting out a whopping 175 hp.

This was in the day of the Jimmy Carter 85 mph speedo. My friends swore that car would do "at least 180!"

Apparently the T/A owner had pinned the throttle with them in it and they were calculating how far past 85 it had gone.

"And it still had that much throttle left!"

Pot, it's not just for breakfast anymore.
Well they're trying to get me to trade my 6 year old ST4 for a bike that is far less practical!
Re: I had this much throttle left.

It's worse than you recall. A friend of mine had a mid 70's Nova350. I listed at 125hp!

Those 70's - 80's epa carbureted cars defined the term POS. I'd swear that the carb on my '85 Blazer with the dashpots and levers everywhere actually mixed fuel in another dimension. Kind of like a Harry Potter fuel mixing device. Wave the magic wand and the engine starts.. or not.

If I started the Blazer and drove it only a few miles in the winter and stopped it it would NOT start again unless I:

A) waited 15min for the engine to cool enough or

B) opened the hood, pulled off the air cleaner and shoved a screwdriver into the carb to hold open the choke plate.
OMG...that things sounds absolutely sick!! I wonder if there's any way to make an s2r 1000 sound like that....hey, is this the same engine that they're putting in the Multistrada 1100?

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