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$1500-$2000 Just for the Plates!

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Blame Canada!
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Again, for those who think the government is here to help you, I submit you example 14,356,921.
See what socializim gets you? OOOHHH, kids are getting hurt on bikes, jack up the price...

A six pack costs $20.00, why not $2,000.00 for plates?

but that's only $1884.30 at the daily exchange rate of .914152. Such a deal! Let's all move to Canada while we can.

Or France.
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No doubt the government sucks, but how much of this is self-inflicted by irresponsible riders? If you give those bozos any excuse to f with you, they're going to.

You mean when the gov't provides "free" health insurance they can control your behavior too?

Go figure.
I sure wish that one guy would not have promised to be off-line for a week - I was looking forward to reading some "word wars"

I know I am sick but I enjoy the bashing and at times laugh out loud at some of the comments too khim... and from khim
I understand your point, but it does not defend the government's actions.

"the power to tax is the power to destroy'

or drink less beer...
Heh heh

See what happens when you put mayo on fries?

The root of all evil.
Fascism works equally well; produces the same results from a different perspective.
I liken it to when I was a kid. My big sister was always in my parent's face, confronting and defying them. She was always grounded or otherwise penalized. I did all the same crap she did, but stayed under the radar. I had a lot more fun and no problem with my parents.

Every time I see some bozo doing 90mph wheelies on I-95, I think of my sister.
Hmmm. I'm just imagining sitting at a cafe on the St Lawrence river eating mussels and fries and having a powerful glass of La Fin du Monde.

Nothing wrong with that at all.
Mon Dieu!

..maybe we can produce neat little air cooled cars for the masses when it finally happens here...
Stop. Just stop.

--The Fox
You sir, are full of merde.

They would never get away with this kind of crap in France. I'm reserving my seat on the boat as we speak.
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