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$1500-$2000 Just for the Plates!

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Blame Canada!
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Come on - admit it - it is funny to see everyone jump on khim and beat khim down and khe keeps coming back for more

Thank you sir may I have another...
I don't know what to I'll just sit here and snicker to myself.
Like 500. Just wholly unprepared to share rght now...sorting out working again, scheduling college stuff, etc, etc. Plus I have to edit which ones I want to keep. It's a bit of a project.

--The Fox
Sacre Bleu! The Quebecois have gone too far! Time to retreat to Saskatchewan.
It's too cold and too letigious up north; it's too hot and lawless down south. And I get to live in the middle. Just right. For those of you who don't agree, it's pretty easy to get across the border.
Just a note for the 'Mericans, but Quebec is a province, not the country. Using Canada to refer to Quebec is like using United States to refer to Massachusettes.

Interestingly I couldn't find much else about this decision, is it actually fact or just a threat? It's a pretty outrageous cost, but I guess that means some screaming deals on bikes in Quebec.
ROFLMAO, f*ckin' garlic breathed peasants

Know why french women wear make up and perfume?

'cause they're ugly and they stink
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There was a link, but being a stupid American, I can't read it.
"Nothing wrong with that at all"

No, Montreal was a nice place to grow up. Sometimes I miss living there but I don't miss this merde du taureau

it talks about different rates for 400cc and under and the total they expect to make, which is going to be off because everyone with a bike will move to Ontario anyway.
Cheese-eating surrender monkeys?
Je me Souviens...
What's the problem?

Its only for bikes larger than 400 DC! What the hell is a DC? Is that a CC in French?
That's the great thing about socialist states. The bureaucrats don't have to submit new rules to the legislatures for approval. They just invent and enforce them on their own. You have a virtually umlimited number of little Hitlers to contend with.
Well, I have met MANY Canadians who will go through New York rather than ride in Quebec! Know many Americans that were treated like trash because they were on bikes in Quebec. This does not surprise me one little bit. Canada should let the pricks succeed, kick there butts in a Civil War and send them back to France (not to Louisiana this time please, I like Cajuns!)... BTW, I am half French Canadian and have a God Given Right to hate them...might be tweaking my opinion just a wee bit.
one can only wish...Canada would be better off...

Cardboard is an EXCELLENT source of automobile-construction material!
It's the only attention socko gets.........
21 - 40 of 58 Posts
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