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$1500-$2000 Just for the Plates!

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Blame Canada!
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Could you actually picture a Canadian Civil War? That would be odd, strange, shocking...and a little funny.

It seem like it would never happen, but there does seem to be a lot of anger between the territories.

They were pretty calm and knew they're place until that useless bastard DeGaul came over and got them going about an independant french republic, after that a hell broke loose.

We should have kicked their ass's into the sea in the 1700's instead of letting them keep they're french identity. Would have saved everyone a headache.
Bottles of maple syrup flying everywhere! Oh the humanity!
Beer cans and fur-lined hats scattered across open fields.

Just ask any Trabant owner...
It'd be like, Mackenzie Brother against Mackenzie Brother, Eh? Molson against Labatt (sp?) drinkers, Eh?

Take off!
You get bonus points for being able to spell, that other province.
What, you don't want to be "protected" by those noble public servants (after they get done taking your money and telling you when to take your nappie)?
Well, will I actually get to take a nap?

I mean, 2 or 3 hours of sleep after lunch would be mighty refreshing.........
Next thing, they'll be wanting Independence

from The Crown of England. THEN there'll be trouble..........
Get a job on sarnali's crew.
Re: What's the problem?

There's one DC 150 miles to my east. God help us if there are 400 of them.
Only us Lead's get to snooze, the rest of you get back to work watching gauges
Go wash your mouth out with soap young man. You kiss your gramma' with that mouth?
Governments issue

It is often seen Government try to protect driver as much as it can. I think it is never possible to control the behavior of people. The more it tries to solve their problems the more it increase.


41 - 58 of 58 Posts
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