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16 reasons to be Governor Janklow

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"Respect for the office" means "above the law". I can't believe these hicks (SD) let this go on for so long. Reminds me of those sterotypical "Southern Sheriffs and Politicians" in the movies.
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Never has Upchuck a Though meant more. You'll just have to take my word for the mess on my desk.
"A check by The Associated Press last year of computerized court-system records showed Janklow received 12 speeding tickets in 11 South Dakota counties from 1990 to 1994 and paid more than $1,000 in fines for driving as much as 20 mph over the speed limit. The records showed no speeding tickets after Janklow became governor again in November 1994"

Anyone else loses their license. In WA State you can be thrown in jail for a single instance of speeding 20 above the limit. Your vehicle can also be impounded. I know cause a King County Sheriff reminded me of that fact when he gave me a break on my ticket.
Is anyone really surprised that the governor gets special treatment from law enforcement?
There is special treatment and then there is this kind of treatment. Most Governors wouldn't get this treatment. It would be front page on the Seattle Times here. Where do you live Captain? South Dakota? Texas? Some other state where governors get to lie?
Lying about sex is a personal thing Buz. Lying about war and sending poor folks to fight is another.
Stricken from the record

The ultimate disgusting part that I found out about this whole thing is that, in addition to his pathetic "100-day" sentence, (for killing a man! This is the same nation that will send a man to jail for 5 years for posessing a few GRAMS of a drug) Janklow's crimes will be stricken from the record if he completes his meager three years of probation. Poof! Gone. Like it never happened.

At least for Janklow. For another man, and his family, it's not that simple. I'm glad to see justice is alive and well.
I know, I know.

I know you have to support George W. cause of your special interest "Ripping off poor and old folks on their medical insurance, supplies, drugs etc. " If Kerry gets in your gig is up.
Buz, you should know better than to make loud noises in front of the monkey cage. VWW
A lie is a lie, and it's still wrong no matter what the topic. Besides, Clinton lied about many other more serious things than who he was banging at the time.
You really think most governors wouldn't get this type of treatment? You need to step bck into the real world. This ***** happens in every state, including yours.
1st - Janklow was, is, and shall allways be lower than fly sh!t

2nd - All politicians get breaks from the Law enforcement in thier areas, local police give commisioners/mayors breaks, and on up the chain. Not to mention that most cops won't ticket a fellow officer.

3rd - The AMA is starting a new program up to increase the penalties for injuring a rider in an accident. Personally I don't understand vehicular homicide, murder is murder no mater what the weapon used.

hee hee, you said jingoism

Wait it doesn't mean what I thought it means, damm webster.
You are really naive if you think politicians dont get special treatment from police everywhere,regardless of party affiliations or ideologies. Gov.Clinton using State Troopers to pimp for him was every bit as odoriferous as state Troopers not ticketing Janklow.Unfortunately the end result of letting Janklow get away with reckless behaviour was much more tragic but the basic problem of abuse of power was the same. in the area of politician 's abuse of power,an attitude of "no harm,no foul" or its "just for sex" just enables further abuses. If we as a country made clear we would not tolerate abuse of power at the voting booth it would subside. As long as we only react to abuses which have large consequences and smirk at the trivial abuses,abuse of power will continue.
Re: look again

He got those tickets from '90~94 when he was out of office, clearly when he was re-elected in '94 the tickets stopped because he became a law-abiding citizen, as befits someone in his high office.

Sheesh guys didn't you read the story?
NEVER can pass up a chance to slam the south eh? even if it's south dakota...
Whitewater, Monica vs. Iraq, AWOL, CIA

Bush lied about National

Guard Service etc. Lied about the war etc. His administration exposed a CIA agent cause her husband dare to expose Bushes lies about Iraq and Nucs. i.e. no evidence of Uranium going from Africa to Iraq

Clinton lied about sex. All Kenn Starr could prove was that he had a blow job. The whole Whitewater investigation was waste of money. A right wing conspiracy .....
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