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16 reasons to be Governor Janklow

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"Respect for the office" means "above the law". I can't believe these hicks (SD) let this go on for so long. Reminds me of those sterotypical "Southern Sheriffs and Politicians" in the movies.
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Yes, but lying to a federal jury is perjury... doesn't matter what you're lying about.
Re: Whitewater, Monica vs. Iraq, AWOL, CIA

Clinton also lied about selling secrets to the Chinese, and his administration was directly responsible for the lies and corruption surrounding Waco, Ruby Ridge, and several other egregious violations of the rights of American citizens that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of innocent people. To say that he only lied about a blowjob is ignorant and misleading.
Re: Whitewater, Monica vs. Iraq, AWOL, CIA

Oh, and I find it laughable that you were so outspoken about Enron but think that Whitewater was a right wing conspiracy since the Clintons were engaged in the same sort of activities that the Enron executives did. Some right wing conspiracy... you do realize that dozens of Clinton's cohorts were convicted of serious crimes through the Whitewater investigation, don't you? Or were their crimes part of the "right wing conspiracy" as well? By the way, Kenneth Starr was appointed to the special prosecutor position by Clinton, so I find it highly unlikely that he would be part of this mythical "right wing conspiracy".
Clinton didn't lie about

1. Chinese thing

2. Waco

3 Ruby Ridge.

Where are you getting your info Fox News, Northern Idaho Times, etc.?
Re: Clinton didn't lie about

I'm not even going to try to convince you on this, since you obviously were living under a rock during his entire presidency.
The federal jury should not of been asking this crap. Waste of taxpayer dollars. Ken Star was an arogant ass who didn't prove anything. The blue dress did Clinton in.
My god the arrogance of the man...

"I was going on official business and I had the authority to exceed the speed limit when I had the emergency equipment on my vehicles."

While governor, he had emergency lights installed on vehicles he drove.

Janklow said he had to speed sometimes because he couldn't always fly.

"Almost every incident where I was driving as governor I was going to important things for South Dakota," he said. "I lived in Pierre. Pierre is 100 to 150 miles from anyplace where there's concentrations of people."
Re: Show me

You'll never find proof of anything on the internet except your own gullibility.
Kenneth Starr proved plenty. Go look at all the people associated with Clinton who were thrown in jail for their crimes.
Re: Show me

...but if you really want to know...

There isn't much out there on the net since most of these things happened before internet news reporting was a mainstream activity, and most newspaper websites don't archive back this far.

(I don't know how to hyperlink, so you'll have to do this the old fashioned way.)'s Chinese Excuses.htm
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Re: Show me

Regarding the Waco thing, his administration blatantly lied when they said that

1) David Koresh and his followers had a cache of illegal weapons and

2) They were molesting children.

#1 was the whole reason they staged the raid, which was an epic cluster***** and undeniable proof of the BATF and the FBI's utter ineptitude at the time. Hopefully they've improved since then. #2 was completely made up later during the standoff when they couldn't come up with any proof of #1. They were never able to prove either in any way and both were denied by every single survivor, and all people who ever had any close contact with the Branch Davidians.

Ruby Ridge was another disaster. The government entrapped him into comitting a misdemeaner that was later thrown out in court. Several of the people directing that raid were later thrown in prison due to its illegality.
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Re: Whitewater, Monica vs. Iraq, AWOL, CIA

Stop wasting your time with this sloganeering pathologically lying fool. I detest Bush, but he didn't lie about WMDs. If Bush lied... so did Kerry and just about everyone else in the intelligence loop. Kerry, who also voted for the war... anf against it. Just like he is for ... and against everything else. Some leader. Bush may take the wrong action, but at least he does something, not go whining to that worthless UN or sucking up to Old Europe.

If people are worried about Bush being a lying politician there is no logical reason to vote for a serial liar like Kerry with his phony Purple Hearts. No one gets three minor scratches from shrapnel in three months... and finds the piece of shrapnel that nicked him. What an obvious scam to get out of finishing his tour. And then the scumbag claims that all Vietnam Vets were atrociteurs... himself included. So Kerry's supporters (pun intended) like Kook are supporting an admitted murderer. Kerry, who publicly curses people who protest against him. What a spoiled overgrown baby. You want that out of control arrogant prick to have his finger on the nuclear trigger?

I don't recall all these self-righteous phony breastbeaters attacking Clinton when he was murdering thousands of innocent civilians in Serbia. And if you are looking for politicians who cook up phony incidents to justify going to war you need look no further than Democrat Lyndon Baynes Johnson and the Gulf of Tonkin Incident. I don't know if the Pubbies set up phony wars but I do know that the Democrats already have. My friends died in the Democrats' futile war. Screw them. Freaking hypoctrites.

Bush... Kerry... rich priveleged spoiled punks.

Republicrats.... scrag 'em all.

Pick one for mcolumn A or one from Column B. It doesn't matter. With either you get corruption and incompetence.
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Re: Whitewater, Monica vs. Iraq, AWOL, CIA

Is it scrag or frag seruzawa. My Veitnam vernacular is a bit rusty. VWW
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