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16 reasons to be Governor Janklow

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"Respect for the office" means "above the law". I can't believe these hicks (SD) let this go on for so long. Reminds me of those sterotypical "Southern Sheriffs and Politicians" in the movies.
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Re: Show me

Sorry man, I'm just frustrated that there are people out there that actually believe Clinton wasn't the worst president of the 20th Century.

I'll go sit in the corner for an hour.
Re: Bush-Republican-Janklow

TJ if you really belive that our republicrat politicians, which comprise the best government that special interest money can buy, don't lie when ever they speak to the public that they supposedly represent, then I have a little parcel of land in the Everglades you might be interested in. VWW
Re: Show me

Bush said Hussein had WMDs, the UN said he had them, and he admitted he had them, but did not cooperate with inspectors and did not have it documented if/when he got rid of them. What is the lie here? Get specific, and don't just give me more KOOK web-links.

Bush/Cheney said Hussein and Bin Laden had cooperated. The 9-11 commision said the same thing. They also all agreed that they did not cooperate on the specific 9-11 attack. The whole point, son, is that Hussein was dangerous and refused to follow the agreement that kept him where he was after 1991. You're full of retoric, and empty of facts.
Re: Bush-Republican-Janklow

As a Republican myself, (sorry if that offends anyone) I have no problem raising questions about the truthfulness of Mr. Bush-the-lesser. The oval office is emits a stench these days rivaling that of the preceding occupant. The best we can do is be open, honest and diligent and we might just get the country many of us think we have.
Hussein was well contained

General Wesley Clarks says:

He was contained by two no fly zones.

He was surrounded by hostile neighbors. (He tried to beat Iran but lost, Turkey is NATO, Syria hates him, etc.)

He had no Air Force.

Get your facts straight.

No of the hijackers were from Iraq

"The reason there hasn't been an attack here int the US is cause it is easier to kill Americans in Iraq."</a> General W. Clark

Iraq didn't have radical terrorist before our illegal occupation but now they do.
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Oh dear lord

I'm not gonna praise Bush, but I'm sick of people spewing these numbers, doesnt anyone understand the fact that the economy doesnt change overnight?

Clinton came in when it was on the way up, and rode the wave, nothing more.

Anyone with half a brain in their head knew the jobs created by the Y2k craze and pc's in general weren't going to last. Absolutely nothing was done by Clnton to pick up the slack when the bubble burst, it just happened to last long enough for him to get outta office. Regardless of who won, or if 9/11 never happened, jobs were gonna go bye bye anyway.
Re: By the numbers (facts) Clinton was the best President

... all courtesy of a Republican Congress.
Re: Oh dear lord

No you are wrong sir.

The economy is not a natural thing its a man-made thing controlled by men i.e. fiscal and monetary policy. Clinton's Treasury Sec was instrumental in creating a responsible fiscal policy of balanced budgets which lead to the strongest economic expansion in US history. (low interest rates, etc.) Bush has returned us to the failed Reganomics approach. Borrow, Spend, Boom, and then Bust (because of the rising interest rates due to large budget deficits).

Give credit where where credit is due. Clintons folks were fiscally responsible. Bush is not. Bush Sr was though.

P.S. I am a McCain Republican.
Re: Show me

You're forgetting Jimmy Carter. That peanuthead almost bankrupted us. All Clinton did was get caught tapping a secretary. The rest of that crap was par for the course.
Re: Clinton was the best by the numbers

Open and honest are not how I would characterize that man of such poor character. The positives that are attributable to Mr. Clinton are at least shared by hundreds of others who helped him set policy. As far as the inertia of economics, he was in office when it rolled by. For those indiscretions that occurred while he was in the White House and before, he is the sole individual that is to take the blame. I give the man is due but, as an example of how to act presidential, the man was sorely lacking and was a constant embarrassment to this country.
Re: Oh dear lord

He also conveniently forgets that the president can't make laws on his own. So he can thank the Republican Congress for most, if not all of the growth in this period if he actually believes that the government has that big of an effect on the economy.
Re: Oh dear lord

Oh my God! I'm a McCain Republican too. Everything I said about you, well it's true, but I mean it in a softer tone.
Re: Oh dear lord

No I haven't forgotten that this U.S. president and Congress (Republicans) have created the largest deficits in history. Soon we will see the effects from this rising interest rates slow job growth. It's the 80s all over again. Borrow, Spend, Boom and Bust cycle of Reganomics
Re: Clinton was the best by the numbers

Actually the economy is the largest man made machine built it's not controlled by the forces of nature but by man by monetary and fiscal policy.

The fiscal policy of the Clinton adminstration was responsible for falling interest rates, surpluses etc. Having a good monetary policy via Greenspan helped as well.

Clinton lied about a personal matter a blow job.

Bush lied and soldiers died.
Why I like McCain and hate George Bush

Hey I believe in fiscal responsibility and that is why George W. has been a major disappointement to me (I voted for him). McCain also believes in being very careful when you use miltary force (probably cause he went to war versus Cheney who had 8+ draft deferments during the Vietnam war). Once again Bush disappointed me I strongly supported the Afghan war but was against the Iraq thing. Bin Laden is still out there.

I am also pro-life so is McCain. The Republican party has been hijacked by the radical right.
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