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16 reasons to be Governor Janklow

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"Respect for the office" means "above the law". I can't believe these hicks (SD) let this go on for so long. Reminds me of those sterotypical "Southern Sheriffs and Politicians" in the movies.
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Econ Review for Dummies

Go back to school

How does the government control the economy?

Fiscal Policy-Taxes and Government Expenditures. The Fed budget is huge pal.

Monetary Policy- The Federal Reserve board regulates the money supply using the reserve requirement, discount rate and open market buying and selling of T-Bills.
Re: Whitewater, Monica vs. Iraq, AWOL, CIA

At least one could stretch the imagination to see a strategic interest in the middle east. No strategic interest was involved in Serbia. So that makes Clowntoon pure? What hogshyt.

Wasn't Clowntoon the guy who actually said publicly how unfortuante he was to not have a war to make him "great"? Jeeez. And so he involves us in another of Europe's unending string of backyard squabbles. So he can be a "war president" (and deflect attention from his scandals). And Democrats have the audacity to accuse Bush of faking up a war.

The thing that scares me is that there are plenty of very valid reasons to scrutinize the Bush administration. No need to make up fake ones. So why do it?
Re: Oh dear lord

The 90's was truly the "decade of greed" that the 80's never were.
Re: Whitewater, Monica vs. Iraq, AWOL, CIA

How about Clinton bombing an asprin factory in the Sudan. Even the out of touch backward third world populace there had the wherewithal to know a wag the dog scenario when they saw one. As they were carrying protest signs with just that printed on them. VWW
But from 6 figures down to a very low 5...

I love how the Fresno and Oakland city school reps embezzled millions and are not only out of jail but still on the job.
Re: Bush-Republican-Janklow

I don't believe that anybody, even Clinton, lies every time they speak. It's just too difficult to accomplish. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Bush has lied about some things. The point was that every accusation I've heard or read about Bush lying has either had no specifics, or the specifics given didn't match reality. I disagree with a lot that Bush has done, but I don't know of any specific lies, especially that could possibly compare to those of the Michael Moore types. As for Iraq, his dad should have ignored the UN and finished the job in '91. Barring that, W should have ignored the UN and done it immediately after 9/11, then challenged all the others (Iran, Syria, Saudi, etc.) to cease any connections with terrorists or pursuits of WMDs within a month. Upon non-compliance, he should have repeated the Iraq scenario for each of them, perhaps all at once, just to make the point of what we can do when we're pissed-off.
101 - 106 of 106 Posts
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