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18 In A Row

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For the love of God, buy Indian! [first post]
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Awesome. I'm really glad that Harley has made record profits by selling $25 t-shirts to people going through mid-life crises.

Perhaps it is the same crisis that prompts the people who buy these machines to ride without adequate safety gear.

Much like beanie babies, the value of a Harley is based purely on some delusional group-think phenomenon. How else could it be that a brand of retro-styled bikes can offer substandard performance, stale looks, and still sell for a premium?

Imagine the same concept for automobile production. Ford decides to redesign its entire model lineup to reflect the technology and features of the 1965 Galaxie, right down to the lap belts, drum brakes, vinyl, and crappy gas mileage. All this can be yours for a price that's 40% higher than the price of a new Corvette...?

No thanks, H-D. I'll save my nostalgia money for retirement.
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Re: Umm...

You're right. I guess it's a problem with society, not H-D. I think the answer lies in continuing education for those poor, misguided baby boomers.

"This is called a Yamaha FJR1300, don't be afraid to touch it..."
Re: Umm...

Excellent comment. Did you think of that as you were stuffing your mullet into that do-rag you use instead of a helmet?

Don't worry - you'll be able to purchase proper head protection when you pay that hog off in 15 years. Maybe then you can afford some leather tassles too.
1 - 3 of 43 Posts
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