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18 In A Row

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For the love of God, buy Indian! [first post]
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Another amazing testimony of cosumer stupidity. HD motorcycles are pieces of junk, just like mircro soft, vhs and the 8 track (which, sadly, my grandfather invented). Even the brits have better build quality.
Re: USA-1

I was hoping Gen X would can the entire HD thing. That SportBikes would come the fore. I think it may still happen. I don't believe we suffer from the nostalgia thing like boomers do. I think sportbike sales have been on the rise VS cruiser sales over the past 10 years. Boomers are leaving the peak buying years and Gen X has entered them, but we are roughly 2/3 their numbers which skews straight line stats.

Anyway, if HD does not build some quality sportbikes over the next 10 years their sales will probably tank.
Re: 7 Dwarfs

OKay, but why? What's the point of a cruiser? They don't do anything but chug slowly in a straight line. Boring!
Re: 7 Dwarfs

Dooood, what do you think this is? We are not here to broaden our minds. We read books for that (and no, porn & pulp fiction don't count). This is an opinion slam fest. Are you a democrat seeking harmony with all creatures while spending everyone elses money? Did you vote for Al Gore?
1 - 4 of 43 Posts
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