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Words cannot do the Guzzi V-8 engine justice. The sound of the engine under load reminds me of the Can-Am cars of the late 60s and early 70s. Just raw animal sounds.

The Guzzi V-8 surpasses even the sound of a V-Max with a 4-1 pipe at about 5,000 RPMs. (Listen to a Max with a pipe, you'll understand).

Thank you for the article. I remember reading about the project of the replica bikes a few years ago. (maybe 8 years ago?) The fellow that built them is considered a master machinist, and is kind of a national treasure in vintage racing circles, and if I remember correctly, he built those V-8's with all manual machines, NO CNC equipment of any kind.

It is worth looking up the articles on the replication of the V-8s.


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