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1956 Moto Guzzi V-8

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Well I don't care what it's worth. If you're not going to run it, it might as well be carved from a block of wood.

No Italian worth his salt would ever let something like this sit silent.
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Re: M.G. V-8 designer dies March 2nd, 2005

Moto Guzzi designer Umberto Todero dead at 82, March 2nd 2005.

Todero worked for Moto Guzzi for 66 years and had his hand in just about every motorcycle developed by Moto Guzzi from the 1950s on.

Todero is best known for his involvement in Guzzi’s racing machines, specifically his work as a race mechanic during the 50s and his close work side by side with Cesare Carcano on the design and development of the Guzzi 500 V8 in 1955.

(cut from MC Blog)
The Porsches weren't winning when I saw the races. It was just at the tail end of the Nissan GTP winning streak and the beginning of Dan Gurney's Toyotas. The Toyotas were 4 cylinders, the Nissan V-6, Porsche Flat 6 and Mazda Rotary. Sprinkle ina few V-8s and I think Jaguar was running a 12.

At that time the IMSA cars were faster than CART or Formula 1. They all went broke though! They made a small fortune in racing so to speak.........
At least Leno rides all his toys. I love the turbine-powered cycle!
Re: M.G. V-8 designer dies March 2nd, 2005

Hey, Matt.

This thing seems your style. You seen this yet?
Cool bike, awesome sound, this guy loves bikes and is rich enough to blow 300 extra large, but does not want to start it. I don't get it, but then, I probably won't be spending that much on any thing, so I don't know how to walk in his shoes.

Lets see 990cc / 8 = 123.75cc per cyl. probably make somewhere in the neighborhood of 260hp, maybe more. I don't know how many extra ponies could be pulled out with some of the GP trickery they have now, but wouldn't a Guzzi on a GP grid be great to see again.
Virgil Ewing's Guzzi is generally on display at the motorcycle museum in Solvang. It isn't there right now. According to the staff he took it to Willow Springs Raceway to run it, and broke it. So he sent it back to Mondello to get fixed.
You were probably watching in the post-Porsche period, then. Porsche did well in the mid-80s with the modified 956/962; Jag, Toyota, Nissan et. al. (Cadillac?) did well in the late 80s / early '90s.

The Toyota (Dan Gurney) and the Jag were the fastest, and I believe Jag eventually pulled out or was outlawed or something.

The Jag was a 12, and it was awesome.

Just think how much more amazing the real unlimited CanAm and Interserie cars from the 1970s were, though.

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Re: M.G. V-8 designer dies March 2nd, 2005

Oooh, thanks, calling him now. Maybe I can trade something...
Re: M.G. V-8 designer dies March 2nd, 2005

Looking at it tomorrow. It's a 250, but WTF. Thanks.
Once again, EBass proves that he just doesn't get it.

I wonder: Is Eric serious? -or- Is he just applying for the KPaul replacement position?
Coming from a guy who just got out of his Mom's house last year, I'll take that as a compliment, SA!

Excellent article. Loved the link to the audio, too.

More of these, please.

I'm all natural. I just use flaxseed oil and arthritis balm.
I was privileged enough to be on the Island (Isle of Man) when they ran two of those in the classic parade round the mountain course. Two. In the same place. The sound was just unbelievable!

Even more unbelievable was the fact that the rider of one of them wadded it at - I think - Union Mills. A somewhat expensive crash...
Okay, am I the ONLY one who thinks the bike is really ugly?

compare this masterpace of design and manufacturing done in the mid-50ties for gods sake, with the crude blacksmithing done by the big buck hog fakers.
Are you sure?

I'm pretty sure that I'm straight enough to live with Tom Cruise for an eternity and not...

So, might he not feel the same way about Nicole?

He'll NEVER start it?!


Pointless! Buy a damn picture or go visit one at a museum!

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Good point, but then he married her. He must have thought, come hell or high water, let´s give it a go. Your feelings to Tom Cruise might not have reached the same level yet.

Also, objectively speaking, women are more attractive than men. Look at the men´s magazines at the newspaper stand: all women. Look at the womens magazines: all women.

- cruiz-euro
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