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1956 Moto Guzzi V-8

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Well I don't care what it's worth. If you're not going to run it, it might as well be carved from a block of wood.

No Italian worth his salt would ever let something like this sit silent.
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Lets clarify... That was your mom's house that I just got out of. -Sean
" Jeff jokes about his severely rare motorcycle. "I see myself in Starbucks nursing a double latte sitting at a small table with two other chairs. The chairs are empty. I'm waiting for the two other members for the annual meeting of the Replica Moto Guzzi V-8 Owners Club... and they never show up!"

Maybe that's because they are out riding while you send your time in a freaking coffee shop.
Hey, I been to yo' Mama's house, SA. Y'all family so po', yo' Mama call TV dinner trays her good china.

Suhnappity snap snap!
That women are better to look at, I am not prepared to dispute.

My favorite color. And just how big a feller are ya.?
At least there would be a reason for it sitting idle. Just think of the sympathy you would get from fellow riders as you told them of that terrible day when you threw $300,000 down the highway. A machine should die an active death.
Right, they are out riding around on their $300k

v8 cycles looking for chicks. Whooooho!
Comapre it to Harley in 57. Working feverisly, I suppose, on their side valve K race bikes. Dreaming I suppose of the day, only 30 years down the line, when the basic 1932 design would be superceded by the revolutionary Twin Cam.

Ok, that's totally unfair. The K bike was mostly for dirt track use and the rules of US racing were designed to discourage innovation.

But maybe that was part of the problem. After all, since Harley was US motorcycling, their desire to live in the dusty past meant that AMA racing was really just following them.

I bet women are also better to, you know what. Even objectively speaking. After all, they were purpose built.

- cruiz-euro
Someone who decides never to start his 300k V-8 motorbike probably prefers lone sessions in Starbucks to mindless sex.

- cruiz-euro
Are you still smarting from losing the election, bunky?

Or are you just filling Kpile's evolutionary niche?

She can't wear Malcolm X shirts, cause helicopters would try to land on her.
Election? Who said anything about an election? You really need to start wearing a helmet when you ride your scooter seru, you've been chipping too many curbs.
61 - 73 of 73 Posts
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