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1982 Honda CB450T-Hawk Oil Question

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Get a Clymer or Haynes manual for your bike. Synthetic probably would not cause problems but isn't necessary either. Stick with the dino juice and routine maintenance and you'll be finde...
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My GSX1100G is especially touchy on the oil it tolerates. This shows up in how easily the tranny shifts. I used Mobil1 for years because it gave the best tranny performance. It'd go 4-5K with smooth shifting. However recently the cost of Mobil1 went from $4 per quart to $7.50 for the 15-40. I went to RotellaT and the bike shifts just fine for the 3-4K I go between changes.

So, if you're worried about seal problems (no comments about blown seals, fur seals or harp seals please) go with RotellaT. $9.97 a gallon at Autozone.
You know. it's really past time that the stupid moderating function got disabled. Some @sshole has been moderating all over the place the past week or so. If someone doesn't have to balls to state directly what his disagreement is then the coward should just go and f*ck himself.
Oh great. So the new managemnt is going to make major changes to a working operation. Very smart. Sort of like the New Coke. I can hardly wait.
Re: I apologize

Heh heh. Were you here back when Kook was trying to "help" John Kerry get elected? I'll bet he cost the Democrats about 1,000 votes.
We haven't done tiered licensing in a few days.
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