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I'm looking to change bikes.

What I have: 1995 kawasaki ninja dx500, new tires, new battery (hasn't even been installed), rear caliper has been replaced, but rear rotor is also warped and needs replacement. Right foot panel with rear brake lever was busted off by prior owner when going down. A WWII vet welded a plate back on for me. I proceeded to bend it myself when laying the bike down last year. A replacement plate for $80 or less will fix it good as new. As mentioned, it has gone down a few times, has cracks in the plastic, and has had a home paint job. Despite all this it runs soundly, and starts in the cold winter with the aid of a battery charger.

What I want: A beater rat bike under 1000cc, or an older goldwing near 1000cc. I'm looking to spend under 2k, or trade straight out. I'd rather it be as ugly as my ninja, but reliable and ready to run.

PS: If you want to talk offlist you can email [email protected]
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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