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Ok, follow me on this one. The V-Rod motor was designed by Porshe, right? Everyone knows it's a "heavy" motor that's why you won't see it in a Buell. Terry Vance has run a successful NHRA water-cooled (around) 2600 cc motor in his drag bikes for two straight years. The Germans don't need to help on this because the initial enginerring is done. With engineering on the V&H V-rod turning out soooooooo successfully and with Eric Buell's drive to compete againts the Asian market why couldn't they already have a "mule" up and running? Seems like a slam dunk for the next generation on Big Twin bikes. Don't even think that Buell isn't helping in the R&D of all things HD. Harley would never let a guy with his skills sit around working on only Buell products. Anyway, how can you refer to HD Big Twins as Big Twins if they really weren't the biggest and the baddest. Say hello to my little friends- Oh, did I forget to mention they're two liters....................
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