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most of those same magazines hold it in high regard in the 'bang for your buck' category because it will do almost as good as every other sports car that costs well over twice as much. they also rate it as that because it's freakin fun to slide a car through corners on sheer torque. you aren't going to turn good track times doing it but it's fun.

the same could be said for cruisers. they don't handle near as well as a sport bike but can be fun for rolling at 20 mph and, without clutching, smoke the back tire. it's about fun and whatever your version is works for me.

on a side note for the kpaul wannabe....
"A hiyabusa from 3k RPM (idle, basically) and up is producing 80 ft/lbs of torque. The myth that I4s are not "Torquey" is bull*****"

yes, it is but at your definition of 'idle' cruisers are halfway through the rev range and producing that much torque at half the rpms. we all know which is faster...but which is more fun on the street? that is subjective.

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