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200 MPH Harley-Davidson

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As Ural Speed freak myself, it's good to hear some of the smaller brands are getting into this Bonnieville thing. Speed is good! I do note that they are using the 1987 fairing for the bike, which was the same design Gordon Jennng ran so many years ago,. Check your Cycle World, circa 1966 for that story.

200 mph is dang fast and to do so with a 1955 motor and 1966 streamlining these boys are ok in my book

Kudos to the lot you you!
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Gee I hope they didn't get in trouble with the local Posse Comitatus, for making all that noise and using a Harley motor for something other than pub crawls.
Even more impressive, in dead calm they made another pass and hit 208.5 mph, but were unable to complete a backup run. I don't think the Buell RR1000 fairing is a 1966 model. Similar maybe, but an Erik Buell original in 1987.
Yes. They were screaming instead of whoomp-whoomp-whomping.
Do-it-yourself Land Speed Records

My model predicts that a Honda CBR600RR needs 211 HP to overcome about 390 pounds of drag and friction to reach 208 mph. Can nitrous fuel alone boost the RR from 115 to 211 hp?

If so, let's all go to Bonneville.
Re: Do-it-yourself Land Speed Records

The question you need to answer if whether your 600 will turn 30,000 RPM. :)
Think about it, seruzawa

You every hear of changing sprockets? Costs less than 50 bucks.
Re: Do-it-yourself Land Speed Records

The RR is already geared for 171 mph at 15000 rpm. To reach 211 mph you have to change the overall ratio from 6.47/1 (stock) to 5.32/1. New sprockets should be the cheapest part of the effort.
Re: Think about it, seruzawa

Can't you tell a joke when you hear it? Lighten up, dude!
Re: Do-it-yourself Land Speed Records

Okay, so it only has to turn 18,500rpm with stock gearing.

I couldn't help it. I just couldn't shake the mental image of some idiot attaching a NOS bottle to his Ninja and then going blasting along the drylakebed at Primm, Nevada. In all his glory of T-shirt, shorts, flip-flops and eyes as big as saucers. Waiting for the tach to hit 20,000rpm.

Heh heh.
Re: Do-it-yourself Land Speed Records

Hey at least he would be wearing his shoei helmet!!
Re: Do-it-yourself Land Speed Records

And his girlfriend perched on the back on the accessory fiberglass tail-section.
Re: Do-it-yourself Land Speed Records

In a string bikini.
Now I know that when you all write and publish your articles, you don't know about the ads. However, that Buell ad in the middle of the article is sheer poetry. Much better than the Honda ad in the middle of tle glowing Moto Guzzi peice....

Another thing amazes me, how one reader still managed to spout off about his Honda and what it 'could' do. Get off the pot, stap on some nitrous and head thee to Bonneville...Honda boy....then talk about what it 'did' do...
Re: Do-it-yourself Land Speed Records

Where does one get aerodynamic drag data for a CBR600RR?!?! Wouldn't think you could or would estimate something as important as aerodynamic drag when analyzing a top speed problem.
Guess not.

Sorry. Actually, 30000 rpm is funny.
Do-it-yourself drag calculation

If you know the top speed and the engine speed at that point, and you have a dyno chart, it's easy.

1) Drag is proportional to the square of velocity

2) At top speed, drag is equal to available thrust (pounds) which is torque times overall gear ratio divided by wheel radius (in lb-ft, and ft)

3) You can get the torque from the dyno chart and the tire diameter from the tire specs. After computing the drag you can get a helpful factor for computing drag at any speed by dividing top speed drag by the square of the top speed. For fully faired race replicas this factor is around 0.01 lb/v/v.

A rough estimate of drag at 200 mph for a 600 RR is 200*200*.01, or 2*200, or 400 lb.
Faulty assumptions

I don't currently have a Honda. I never said any Honda could do anything. I asked if something was possible. Noone is answering.

You seem to know. How do you "stap on some nitrous" on a Honda with very sophisticated electronic emission and fuel injection hardware/software. Contributions are welcome.
Big James: actually, Buell's been such a consistant advertiser with MO since about two days after it first showed up on the web, it would be stranger to NOT have a Buell ad on MO at any given time.

Anyway, lighten up. This isn't a puff piece for Buell, since it clearly notes that this was a highly modified bike, not stock. In this day and age, just about any manufacturer's open-class sport bike offering could eventually be coaxed to 200 mph. These days, they're all good, they're all fairly reliable.

Anyone wanna help build a 200 mph Virago? Now that would be a real challenge.
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