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asset # 13509
police package
electric start
dual front brakes
heavy suspension
saddle bags

Motorcycle runs, any known mechanical problems are noted. Vehicle has: scratches, scrapes, chips, and dings; front side lamps removed; emissions na; tread + 50% seat shows expected wear, some tears. Mail me for pics at [email protected]

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C'mon, a couple hints...

Where are a) the bike and 2) You?

What kind of mileage on the machine, what color (Ain't no telling what Departmental Color Scheme it was subjected to.) Has it been (obviously) dropped, and on how many sides?

Where are the mechanical problems noted? Since it's a Fleet bike, I gotta ask: Is it carb'd or Injected? Also, is it a SofTail or a (most probably) FLHT, or maybe even a RoadKing?

What kind of money you looking for, and will you ship it?

Thanks for your time.
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