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2001 Alexandra Palace Show Feedback

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Now where are those heretics who say that Katja isn't attractive?

If nothing else, she's easier on the eyes than Foggy.

Oh yeah--racing is about speed, not looks. Oh well. It can't hurt.

Starving Student
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Re: Maico MD 250-based Racer

The bike in the photo has been modified in several ways, but it appears to be a Maico MD 250 road bike converted to racing configuration. I believe that the disk brake is not original. It also appears that the engine cooling fins have been cut down slightly.

I am going to guess that Lemoto is the name of a sponsor.

Alternatively, this might be a Barile, but I don't think he ever did two-strokes.

XXL, please. Thank you.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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