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2001 GSX-R1000

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The GSX-R1000 was meant for the track. So was the Gixxer 600. So was the R6. So when are you going to review a STREETBIKE, MO? Like the ZRX1200, ZR7S, SV650S, or something like that? I'm waiting...
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Re: Outriding your bike

Being more skilled than the bike you are on is tons of fun. If you are better than your bike, you can pay less attention to where you are going and be just as good. But if you should like to hunker down and play the racer, kicking out the back end and powering out of a corner is more fun than being on a bike that threatens to ride you into the ground, and a lot cheaper on tires too. Just think of Mick Doohan sliding his 200hp bike around whatever track you throw at him. Do you think he is less skilled than the bike he is on? No way!
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