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It's all about the TORQUE for me on the street. I don't wanna hafta wring the thing out to get it going. I'm still riding my '91 GSX-R 1186 because I haven't found anything new that has really "Done It" for me. The R1 is nice, but after seeing SEVERAL friends go through NIGHTMARE ordeals when their Yamahas broke - repeatedly, I don't trust them. I spent an entire day on my friend's 2000 GSX-R 750 & came away VERY impressed with the bike itself, but more than a little diappointed that Suzuki had put ALL of the power way up at the top of the powerband. That may be fine on the track but boy does it get old fast when yer riding around town at semi-legal speeds. As soon as I heard about the 1000, and the fact that it was essentially an IMPROVED 750 with a nice TORQUEY liter class motor, I signed right up. Anyone looking for an early 90's gixxer?...

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1 - 2 of 107 Posts
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