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2001 GSX-R1000

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The GSX-R1000 was meant for the track. So was the Gixxer 600. So was the R6. So when are you going to review a STREETBIKE, MO? Like the ZRX1200, ZR7S, SV650S, or something like that? I'm waiting...
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To ride twisty roads and turn. As many people have said, anybody can go fast in a straight line. Do you go 150 a lot in corners (I highly doubt it)? If you do that on public roads you're just looking to die.
Re: Honda...defect-free?

What Honda Sport Tourer (lucky to get 100 miles on a tank) are talking about? A VFR (not likely)? Maybe you're thinking of the VTR, which is not a sport-tourer by any stretch of the imagination.

Also keep in mind that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. A lot of people may think a bike is ugly, but what matters is what the owner/rider thinks.
Yeah, way to cold in Cleveland.

I was at the Browns last home game, tailgating at the Muni lot downtown. There were some guys there from Liberty H-D raffling off a Harley $5 a ticket. They had the thing in a trailer, and actually took it out and road it around some. This was pretty early before the snow started to fall, but still it was below freezing.

PS Many people come here to be schooled in our colleges and universites, or the private schools for high school/secondary school. The public schools in most major cities are not very good.
1 - 3 of 107 Posts
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