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Re: Funded by the government?

Art indeed.

On AIDS - Guys, your ignorance and biggotry are showing. AIDS is not a gay disease. It happenned to attack them early because they had behavior patterns that begged for it to kill them. It did and still is. But when info came to light, they largely changed their behaviors, and their infection rate dropped. They are now still gay, but a lot more carefull. It's a pitty the other at risk groups don't change their behaviors as quickly or thouroughly - like promiscuous hetrosexuals & IV drug users.

AIDS has a very long gestation period where you show no symptoms but are contageous. That makes for a credibility gap and a low care factor in people who are not well educated or smart. The methods of avoiding it are far more accessible to the smart and the wealthy. AIDS is a diease that selectively kills the poor and stupid. Trouble is, they pass it on to the innocent and trusting before they die. A world with less stupid people might not be a bad thing, but it's shame so many innocent women and children are going to die slow and horrible deaths to make it that way.

Art - I know what I like and don't like, but I also know I don't know a damn thing about art, and my opinion is only an opinion. That's why I elect people who employ people who do know, and they decide what should be supported with public money. I admit, I could use some of those art dollars on my GSXR1000 - but there is a system in place make decisions I'm not fit to make and I help to pay for it. Otherwise we'd be at the mercy of someone else's ignorant opinions, and live in a world shaped by guys like you. In a lot of cases, that'd be a pretty small, sad world. Government sponsored WWF and monster-trucks, re-runs of Bill Clinton's guest appearence on Baywatch... Ever read the history of Rome? I guess not.

Let's stick to bikes - at least we get something close to an intelligent argument happening there.
1 - 2 of 107 Posts
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