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2001 GSX-R1000

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The GSX-R1000 was meant for the track. So was the Gixxer 600. So was the R6. So when are you going to review a STREETBIKE, MO? Like the ZRX1200, ZR7S, SV650S, or something like that? I'm waiting...
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It’s only a geezer on a soap box - just nod and keep moving, please.

Motorcycle Online recently posed the question, "Should the GSXR1000 be a track-only bike?" As much as I tried to let it go, that question has kept bothering me, since it echoes a much more basic one: "How much is too much?"

I don’t think there has been a 250cc bike built in the last 20 years that does not have enough power to haul the average adult male beyond any speed limit. And I once rode a 35hp ‘69 BMW across country quite comfortably.

Sure, if you’re carrying a passenger or luggage, or want a heavier plush bike, you want more power. If you ride up mountains you want more power. But except for maybe cops, nobody NEEDS more power.

I don’t like it when some "squid" wastes himself showing off on his crotch-rocket. I don’t like it when an "outlaw" intimidates people on a loud cruiser. But, hey, I like to cruise sedately along the beach and then blaze through the canyons, so, to each his own! I’m not interested in top speed, but I’m tempted to learn to do "stoppies".

Manufacturers have, I think, every right to sell as much horse power for as much money as the market will bear. Likewise, anyone with the money should be able to ride them. If you can’t resist the urge to twist the tiger’s tail, it’s your business.

If you want to test Darwin’s theory, go right ahead.

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To what can't you agree? I do not want anyone to die or be injured, but I don't want politicos using your letter as ammunition to outlaw bike sales. Have you written any letters lately cautioning against razor-type scooters? I see little kids blazing across streets on razors (or copies) bike pads. One ripple and he's down...should they be pulled from the stores so no H.S. or college students can have one?

I offer tips to other riders based on my experiences. Let's all try that instead of wringing our hands. Cya later; I'm going outside to practice extreme braking and counter-steering.
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