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2001 GSX-R1000

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The GSX-R1000 was meant for the track. So was the Gixxer 600. So was the R6. So when are you going to review a STREETBIKE, MO? Like the ZRX1200, ZR7S, SV650S, or something like that? I'm waiting...
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Re: In Gabe's America, however,

Is this where I'm supposed to say:

Lions and Tigers and Bears?.....

Oops, sorry. I've been on the yellow brick road too long....
If 5-valve heads are superior, why doesn't the most advanced and highly-developed form of 4-stroke racing on the planet (F1) use them? I'll give you a hint:

They aren't as good. I read a couple of technical articles on the fact.

Feel better now? Here's another one for you:

Why did Honda stick with an obviously inferior V-4 engine configuration for as long as it did when the Ducati's were eating their lunch for all these years? MARKETING REASONS. They switched to the twin, took advantage of the rules, and won the first time out. Doh! Feel stupid now?
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2ND: Define "extra long swingarm".

3RD: Who cares about EXUP? It's actually been around longer than that, but I wouldn't expect a kid to know that.

4-valve heads were copied from aircraft piston engines of the 40's. So what?

Do you have a point besides the one on the top of your head?
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That would be Eraldo "Ifa we doan breaka da bike we winna da race" Ferrachi and the 851 Desmoquattro.
I gotta agree ... TORQUE ... it's just plain fun. And you don't announce to the 5 block radius that you are doing a wheelie ... 3 block maybe, but not 5. Enjoy all !!! And wear ya helmets.
Yes, Cycle World is the 1 that I've come across that favored the 929 and I'm not shocked to hear that there are others.

Funny thing; I don't recall saying "I got the best, you don't, na-na-na", so don't be crediting me with your apparent level of attitude (prejudice?) toward Americans. But you are right in saying "what-ever works for you".

... going so fast? I thought it was 'cause that gal doing the salute, stopped at the end of the driveway!
AMEN BROTHER ... I also don't think 100 years old is old enough.

I don't think that the Moon is far enough.

First someone flew across the ocean ... then the concord did it the fastest (2 up sorta speak) then we hear that this sr72 black-bird does it 2 up around the globe and ...

Then we hear and see the space shuttle go BOOM!!! Then a bunch of guys and gals jump right back in one and ... hey the genetic pool has room for 7 more.

There's only 4 miles of "I can see it turn up ahead."

one day it took 3 mins ... a few years later 2 mins

... CHUCK I can name that tune in ... gixxer secs. It has good brakes right ... we can make them better ... it has a strong motor ... we can make it stronger ... GO GET 'EM STEVE AUSTIN.

OK now 100 years is long enough. But not until I do. Then I'll be married and Can't.

OK so maybe I'm the only one that understands what I am saying ... but please do not deny me allow me the pursuit of happiness. Even if I'm 100 years old. All you young 40 year olds can bite me! And all you OLD 18 year olds CAN WEAR YOUR HELMETS.
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It's all about the TORQUE for me on the street. I don't wanna hafta wring the thing out to get it going. I'm still riding my '91 GSX-R 1186 because I haven't found anything new that has really "Done It" for me. The R1 is nice, but after seeing SEVERAL friends go through NIGHTMARE ordeals when their Yamahas broke - repeatedly, I don't trust them. I spent an entire day on my friend's 2000 GSX-R 750 & came away VERY impressed with the bike itself, but more than a little diappointed that Suzuki had put ALL of the power way up at the top of the powerband. That may be fine on the track but boy does it get old fast when yer riding around town at semi-legal speeds. As soon as I heard about the 1000, and the fact that it was essentially an IMPROVED 750 with a nice TORQUEY liter class motor, I signed right up. Anyone looking for an early 90's gixxer?...

Racer XXX
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The power, torque, and appeal of this bike IS too good to pass up.....

The thrill of passing traffic at subsonic speeds, acceleration enough to suck your lips to your forehead.... I don't know, this sounds like the ultimate street weapon to me!!
Now where have I read those exact words before - a few weeks ago?

Re: Funded by the government?

Art indeed.

On AIDS - Guys, your ignorance and biggotry are showing. AIDS is not a gay disease. It happenned to attack them early because they had behavior patterns that begged for it to kill them. It did and still is. But when info came to light, they largely changed their behaviors, and their infection rate dropped. They are now still gay, but a lot more carefull. It's a pitty the other at risk groups don't change their behaviors as quickly or thouroughly - like promiscuous hetrosexuals & IV drug users.

AIDS has a very long gestation period where you show no symptoms but are contageous. That makes for a credibility gap and a low care factor in people who are not well educated or smart. The methods of avoiding it are far more accessible to the smart and the wealthy. AIDS is a diease that selectively kills the poor and stupid. Trouble is, they pass it on to the innocent and trusting before they die. A world with less stupid people might not be a bad thing, but it's shame so many innocent women and children are going to die slow and horrible deaths to make it that way.

Art - I know what I like and don't like, but I also know I don't know a damn thing about art, and my opinion is only an opinion. That's why I elect people who employ people who do know, and they decide what should be supported with public money. I admit, I could use some of those art dollars on my GSXR1000 - but there is a system in place make decisions I'm not fit to make and I help to pay for it. Otherwise we'd be at the mercy of someone else's ignorant opinions, and live in a world shaped by guys like you. In a lot of cases, that'd be a pretty small, sad world. Government sponsored WWF and monster-trucks, re-runs of Bill Clinton's guest appearence on Baywatch... Ever read the history of Rome? I guess not.

Let's stick to bikes - at least we get something close to an intelligent argument happening there.
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Yes, Superbike has had a hard-on for the ol' Fireblade since it came out. WTF's up with them? I imagine they could test it against the entire World Superbike lineup and still find a way to say the 929 was soooo much better. I will not be the least surprised after the GSXR-1000 wins all the shootouts, and SB is the only one picking the 929, still raving about it.
As tired as I am of this whole "my bike is better than your bike" crap, and as much as I agree that the rider does have a great deal to do with it, you cannot deny that a faster/better handling/blah blah bike makes a rider faster, or everyone with half a brain would save their money and buy a little 4-stroke 100's. No matter how good you are, you don't beat a porsche down a twisty road with an 18-wheeler (unless you start in front). This is why the Air Force isn't flying wooden biplanes any more.
Looks like there is a new benchmark motorcycle for all of us to appreciate. As an owner of a '98 R1 I can honestly say that any bike with more power and less weight has got to be unbelievable. In the sportbike world the 3 years the R1 was on top was an eternity! As great as the GSX-R 1000 will be it is a compliment to Yamaha's YZF-R1 that it is the bike that the new Suzuki is compared to. It is also flattering that Suzuki incorporated many of the R1's design themes (e.g. exhaust valve, longer swingarm, litre class power in a 600 size package).

Back in '97 and '98 the press said the same things about the R1 as I am hearing about the new Suzuki (wheelie happy, too much power for the street etc.). April 2001 will mark 3 years of riding on my R1. I waited months to get it and it was worth the wait. All I can say to those of you waiting on the new "benchmark" motorcycle is take the time to learn your new bike. Take the time to learn what such power in a light weight package can do. It can bite back hard. If this is your first bike, buy something else!

The reality is that if it handles anything like the GSX-R 750...your own riding will probably let you down before the bike will.

Ride safe!
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Yea, let's see...look at all the BMW R1150Gs that have won the Isle of Man TT and all the other races around the globe! Why isn't it the bike everyone is talking about!?!
I heard that Yamaha's 2001 R1 was supposed to be fuel injected with ram they waited to let Suzuki take a shot with the 2001 GSX-R 1000 (Suzuki had the R1 as the target now Yamaha has the gixer as their target). Suzuki looks like the one that has finally raised the bar. Honda only equalled the R1 with the 929!

Just think what fuel injection and ram air will do with an R1!!!!!
Ummm... riiiiiiight. That's EXACTLY what I didn't say. Thank you for your insightful comments Beavis.
R1 got owned by gsx750 on the race track and its gona get whooped all over by the gsx1000....sorry
hell yea my R-1 dosent even run right until around 150 mph, in fact thats only 4th gear!!!! Not all of us live near a track, nor do I feel like sitting in the saddle for 400 miles straight, so my track is the street.There are no podium finishes, no trophy girls, and no big sponser pay checks. First place on my track is having 4 cops on my ass and loosing them all in 2mins. Thank You Yamaha R-1
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